Why Do People Volunteer? Here Are 6 Reasons

Why do people volunteer?

That’s a big question. There are plenty of reasons why, honestly.

As a volunteer, you may identify with these yourself.

As an exempt organization, once you understand your volunteers’ motivations, you can tap into these reasons to better your recruitment!

So what are the reasons people volunteer? Here are just a few!

Personal Tie to the Cause

Basically, if a cause is important to someone, they might volunteer.

Maybe they are a cancer survivor, or are related to one. Maybe they grew up impoverished and want to help kids with disadvantages succeed in school.

Regardless, they want to help. And with this personal tie comes a passion you can’t fake.

For Resume Building

Whether you’re an entry level college grad or a seasoned worker, volunteering helps that resume.

These volunteers may seem dedicated for the “wrong reason” to some, but in the volunteer business you want to accept any helping hand.

And resume building is a legitimate act that leads many to help!

For Leadership

Beyond resume building is leadership training. While this may be a team building exercise, it might also be an entrepreneur looking to use their leadership skill set to do good.

Not only that, some people will learn valuable leadership skills FROM volunteering.

And if you want to talk the talk, you need to walk the walk. And helping a nonprofit in any way is definitely walking the walk.

To Meet People

Sure, it might sound like a strange method for making new friends, but you are likely to find people with similar interests as you if you pick a cause you care about.

And you might be meeting a future collaborator, or your next best friend. Either way, all the more reason to volunteer!

It Feels Good “Doing Good”

Sometimes, it just feels good to do good. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

One of your volunteers might get involved with your exempt organization because they want to feel good. And you should let them know they’re doing good!

Sometimes, the Doing Good crowd will be involved in the smaller gestures, like donating canned food or pledging a dollar as an add-on. But even with small gestures, the do good crowd helps out!

And while some out there cringe at the idea of helping just because you’re “doing good,” it is really the key concept to philanthropy. So we’re not gonna knock it.

Increase Your Self Awareness

And finally, when you put yourself in the role of volunteer, you are able to see things the average person doesn’t. And you increase your self awareness and your understanding of the world.

That has to be reason enough to volunteer, if you ask us.

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What motivates your volunteers?

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