How To: File 990-N for Tax Year 2012 & 2011

Have you missed filing your 990-N for a previous tax year?
If you don’t file the form for any single year, the IRS will merely send your nonprofit a reminder notice. But if you fail to file your Form 990-N year after year, things will get tougher. If your nonprofit is required to file Form 990-N but fails to do so for three consecutive tax years, it will automatically lose its tax-exempt status  on the filing due date of the third year. The IRS will not send additional notices once your tax-exempt status is automatically revoked.

If your nonprofit loses its tax-exempt status, you’ll have to apply for a federal tax exemption all over again. That means filing IRS Form 1023 again and paying the hefty filing fee that comes with it (not to mention the headache of all that unnecessary paperwork).

If you haven’t e-filed the 990-N for tax years 2012 and/or 2011, don’t worry, you can transmit your nonprofit organization’s previous years tax return to the IRS using Saving your organization hours of work is as simple as creating an account on our site, choose your tax year, and start e-filing the 990-N. You will need to provide the required information to e-file 990-N:
          – EIN or TIN
          – Tax Year you are e-filing for
          – Legal Name and Address
          – Different names the organization uses ( if any)
          – Website ( if you have one)

          – Name and Address of a Principal Officer
          – Confirmation of gross receipts of $50,000 or less
          – A statement that the organization is going out of business ( if applicable)

    Should you need any assistance, our US-based Express990 Support Team would be happy to help you out. You can contact us via phone: 704.839.2321 or 24/7 email support:

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