How to File an Amended 990 Return with ExpressTaxExempt

Sometimes, people make mistakes. That's why we allow clients to file amended returns!

Filing an amended 990 return with ExpressTaxExempt

When it comes to tax returns, you should always file with the most accurate information possible. However, sometimes people make mistakes or forget to provide certain details. Don’t worry, ExpressTaxExempt knows this! That’s why we allow clients to amend returns once they’ve been accepted by the IRS.

What is an amended form?

An amended form is filed to update or add to the information previously reported on a return for the same tax year. Just like the regular forms, an amended return must be made public either three years from the filing date or three years from the original deadline of the return, whichever is later.

Which forms can I amend?

You can file an amended return for Form 990, 990-EZ, 990-T, and 990-PF. You cannot amend a Form 990-N return

How can I file an amended return?

To file an amended return, you’ll have to complete a new form with all of your information. You cannot file only the information you need to amend, you’ll have to redo each section of the form.

You can indicate that your form is an amended return by checking the “Amended return” box in Item B on the first page of your 990 form. You’ll also need to indicate which parts of your form were corrected and include descriptions on Schedule O.

ExpressTaxExempt’s cloud-based technology makes it possible for clients to carry their information over from their return onto their amended form. Follow these three steps to amend a form from your ExpressTaxExempt Dashboard:

  1. Click the “amended return” button
  2. Enter a short explanation for why you are amending your return
  3. Click “continue” to make your changes

The changes you make will be automatically copied onto your Schedule O. When you’ve entered all of your corrections, you can transmit your new return to the IRS. You’ll receive real-time notifications on the status of your return just like you would on other returns.

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