Just the Facts: What to Know About Amended Returns

As much as we all tend to make tax season scary and stressful at times, tax returns aren’t necessarily the “be all, end all” threat we perceive.
It’s true that you should file on time with the most accurate information, but a couple of mistakes isn’t going to have the IRS shutting down your organization.
There are a few ways you can protect the integrity of your organization and correct any misinformation sent to the IRS. One of those safeguards is filing an amended return, but before you do, here are some facts about submitting amendments to the IRS.

Fact #1 – After submitting a tax form, exempt organizations can file amended returns to update or correct information from the previously filed tax return for the same tax period.

Fact #2 – Amendments are only available for IRS Form 990 and Form 990-EZ – it is not possible to file an amended return for IRS Form 990-N (e-Postcard).

Fact #3 – Amended Returns must contain all the information required by the original form, instructions, and schedules; you can’t just enter your corrections and then file – each section of the return must be redone.

Fact #4 – To indicate your form is an amended return, you can check the “Amended Return” box in Item B on the first page of your 990 form. You also need to enter on Schedule O which parts and schedules were corrected along with descriptions of the changes.

Fact #5 – If you need a copy of your organization’s previously filed tax return, you can submit IRS Form 4506, Request for Copy of Tax Return.

Fact #6 – Your approved amended return must be available to the public within three years of the amended filing date or three years after the original IRS deadline of your form – whichever is later.

E-file Amended Returns with ExpressTaxExempt
At ExpressTaxExempt.com, transmitting amended returns are incredibly faster than paper filing. With our cloud-based technology, everything from your original return is carried over to the amended one – your responsibility is just to enter the corrections.

Important: “Amended Return” is an option with ExpressTaxExempt.com only if you e-filed your original return with our services, and the IRS accepted it.

With three small steps, your organization can amend its tax return from the Dashboard screen of your account:

  1. 1. Click the “Amended Return” button
  2. 2. Enter a short explanation why you’re amending the return
  3. 3. Click the “Continue” to make your changes

All of your changes are automatically recorded to your Schedule O along with the required check mark on the first page of the form. Once done, you can transmit your new return and receive real-time email notifications of your filing status.

Contact our U.S. – based, customer support team for any questions or assistance needed with e-filing. Call at 704.839.2321, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m to 6 p.m. EST or send an email to support@ExpressTaxExempt.com.

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