Unique Ways to Fundraise for Your Nonprofit

Any leader of a nonprofit organization will tell you that receiving adequate funding for their organization can be somewhat of a challenge. Although charitable nonprofits usually rely on the generosity of donors to support their annual efforts, fundraising initiatives are sometimes necessary to assist with supporting the financial needs of the organization. We’ve provided some fundraising techniques that your organization can utilize for years to come!


Collaborate with other Organizations

Reach out to other organizations in your area to host events and support each other’s endeavors.

Supporting each other can assist with finances by cutting the cost in half as well as unique ideas, planning, and execution and follow through.

Have Fun Activities Become Fundraisers

Find out what your community enjoys doing during their free time and turn it into an enjoyable fundraiser. People don’t mind giving or setting aside a few dollars to do what they enjoy.  Let’s take a Talent Show/Competition for example — the cost of hosting a local talent show can be very inexpensive and if you have a few members of your organization that like to bake, you could sell light refreshments during the intermission of the event to make an extra few dollars. Other events such as a cook-off, charity tournament, scholarship banquet, or even the latest current trend, an escape room puzzle event.

Be Involved in Your Community

Giving back to your community is always beneficial in more ways than one. It pays to educate the community about what your organization does. By making donors aware of your community service initiatives, many will feel comfortable supporting your various endeavors and fundraising efforts. People tend to not give to groups that they know nothing about. The more exposure your organization receives, the better.


This is considered to be peer-to-peer fundraising by way of members asking their friends, family members, and coworkers for donations prior to an event and then having them participate in the event.

This type of fundraising is ideal for a marathon, walkathon, pageant, etc., and is a great way to directly involve donors.


When conducting planning for your organization annually, it can be a challenge to find different ways to raise money. Here are some various fundraising ideas that can be done:

50/50 Raffle or Basket Raffle Bingo
Silent Auction
Sip and Paint
Talent Show / Lip Sync Competition
Recipe Books
Battle of the Bands
T-Shirt Sales
Comedy Night / Karaoke Night
Polar Plunge
Engraved Bricks
Marathon / Walkathon
Wrapping Paper Sale (Holiday Seasons)
Rainbow Tea
Car Wash
Classic Car Show
Baby Photo Contest
Cooking Class
Penny Drive
Trivia Night
Appreciation Grams
Dinner Theatre
Pie Throwing Contest or Dunk Tank
Date Auction
For more neat fundraising ideas, click here.

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