Turn Your Nonprofit Obstacles Into Opportunities

Nonprofit organizations serve a great purpose and make a significant difference in the community daily. Although the mission of nonprofits is positive, they are faced with various challenges along the way. Each challenge presents it own obstacles but can turn into opportunities for growth and overall victory. Here are some challenges that nonprofit organizations face and how to turn them around to make it work for your organization:

Regardless of the political party that you or your team may side with, a level of uncertainty comes with a new direction of local, state, and national governmental leadership. Groups such as nonprofits can be impacted by these changes due to the difficulty in being able to adequately conduct any long-term planning for their organization.

The best way to face this challenge is to sketch out annual objectives and goals for the upcoming year while also including backup plans that will allow you and your group to have another option to fall back on in case you have to derive from your original plan.

Along with new technology comes new ways that donors can give donations. A way to increase donations for your organization is by having an online portal that accepts donations. By accepting financial donations online, donors will feel that they can give in a more convenient way through their tablet or mobile devices. Also invent in a Square Chip Card Reader, a device which will allow your organization to receive payments through your mobile device or iPad.

In order to reach the goal that your non-profit organization has set, a few extra helping hands may be needed. An easy way to gain these helpers is by reaching out to college clubs and organizations to receive some young, vibrant volunteers. Many college students are interested in lending a helping hand and gaining some community service at the same time. Also, a good bit of college organizations have a community service initiative that they strive to complete each semester. When it comes to community service, “the more, the merrier” is sometimes best.  

It is also important to keep record of any individual or group that volunteers with you, as most will need a signature or some form of verification from a designated leader within your organization validating the time they volunteered.

Without donors, nonprofits cannot survive. The organization-to-supporter relationship is very important. Today’s donors do not want to think that all you want from them is their money. Rather than asking for money right away, find ways to engage conversations with supporters and give them an opportunity to get to know your organization and build an emotional attachment to your work and mission. These are some good ways to keep donors invested:
  • Keep them engaged and let them know that they are an integral part to the organization.
  • Let donors know where their money is going and what it is supporting. Give monthly or quarterly updates via email or newsletter.

Many aspects of today’s communication are focused on digital outlets like social media, text messaging, and mobile app usage. Although the ways of communication have changed, that doesn’t mean that your donors have adapted or changed their preferred type of communication.

Due to this dilemma, organization leaders are having to find new ways to communicate their needs and announcements to various demographics. The best way to tackle this issue is by sending one message but taking an omni-channel approach.

Messages sent through social media would use a more “trendy” approach with non-extensive writing vs. a professional email or phone call that would be more conversational. It is also suggested and very important to survey the key constituents of your organization to see which method they prefer.


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