File Your Tax-Exempt Returns from Up in the Clouds!

Successfully running a nonprofit or charity is no easy matter – you’re responsible for maintaining donor relationships, gifts and contributions, fundraisers, volunteers, and a million other things towards reaching your mission objective.

With all of your organization’s activities, you also have to make sure to remain compliant with the IRS – the brutal truth is that you can lose your tax exemption status if you’re not. One of the ways to keep the IRS content is filing the required tax return every year.

But how can you push everything with your organization to the side just to focus on filling pages upon pages of a federal tax return? Let our services streamline your filing experience so you can complete and transmit your IRS form and get right back to bettering your communities. With these amazing, cloud-based features, you can e-file stress-free with!

E-file IRS Form 990/990-EZ with Schedules
With our services, you can choose to e-file either Form 990 or Form 990-EZ based on your nonprofit’s gross receipts. According to the information you provide about your organization and its activities, automatically generates the appropriate schedules required with your 990 form.

Accurate Worksheet for your Records
It’s no secret that proper record keeping is the key to filing with relative ease. provides you with a detailed worksheet of the information you entered on your form. You can print this worksheet out for your records.

View Prior Tax Returns
Tired of digging through files to find last year’s return? Now you won’t have to – our “My Tax Return Tab” allows you to view, download, or email 990 forms you’ve e-filed in the past with the IRS. Remember, you must have e-filed those prior return with our service to access them.

Re-Transmit a Rejected IRS 990 Form
If the IRS rejects your form for any reason, points out the rejection, allows you to make corrections, and re-transmit your rejected form back to the IRS – all for FREE!

Built-In Audit Check and Cloud-Based Technology
Send your most accurate form to the IRS the first time around. With our internal error check, your form is screened from top to bottom for any mistakes before you transmit. You can also access your account and continue from where you last left with any computer thanks to ExpressTaxExempt’s cloud-based capabilities.

Interview-Style Questions and Bulk Upload
Leave the technical IRS jargon at the door! asks simplified questions based on actual questions from 990 forms – answer yes or no, and enter text or amounts only when prompted. You can also get more done in less time with our “Bulk Upload” feature – submit an upload of mass information like contributions, and our program enters it in your account while you continue with the rest of your form.

Manage Additional Users/Reviewers and Approvers
Easily invite other users that need access to your account – you can even set parameters to what they can or cannot access. Extend an invitation to clients to review and approve your completed form before you transmit – they can also e-verify with an electronic signature.

U.S – Based Support and Expert Assistance
While our IRS 990 forms are made easy to e-file, we completely understand the severity of federal filings – contact our e-file professionals for any questions about your e-filing process at 704.839.2321, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST – or email us 24/7 with [email protected]. If you prefer more detailed assistance from start to finish with step-by-step instructions from an expert, set up an appointment for our Premium Support service directly from your account.


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