How to Invite Users to Review Your Organization’s Return

As deadlines approach, you might find yourself needing to share your Form 990 series return with someone on your board of directors, and you don’t want to share your own ExpressTaxExempt login. Well, we’ve added a new feature that simplifies this whole process!

With our new Manage Reviewers and Approvers feature, you’re just a few clicks away from inviting users to review your tax exempt organization’s return.

When you start on your dashboard, click on the tab that says My Account. From there, scroll down and click on Manage Reviewers and Approvers.

In order to share your return with another person, click on the Add User button. You’ll be prompted to enter the user’s information, like their name, email address, and phone number, as well as the tax year of the return, in order to proceed. After that, you just need to click Share Return, and the invitation is sent.

After your click share, an email that contains a secure link and login credentials to the shared viewing portal are then sent to the intended user. To continue, the user will need their credentials, and they’ll be prompted to change their password upon signing in. The user will have as much access to the return as you granted within the invitation. After logging in, the user can view the return, and add their own comments and corrections for the main user’s reviewal.

Not only can the reviewing user add comments, they also have the option to download Form 990 for further review. If you simply require a signature, users can e-sign the return straight from ExpressTaxExempt.

Still confused? We’ve covered the basics in this video!

And if you share your Form 990 series return and your reviewer gives you enough comments and corrections to set you back, e-file for an automatic 3-month extension of time to file with Form 8868, the application for extension of time to file an exempt organization return.

If you or your reviewers have any questions about the Manage Reviewers and Approvers feature, call us at 704.839.2321, live chat with us from our website, or send us an email.

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