3 Strategies to Boost Donations

Let’s face it—you are probably always in a state of fundraising.

Which makes sense, as an exempt organization, the money you earn usually comes from donors. Which also means the inevitable. You run the risk of burning out donors and losing their interest over time.

If you find yourself in that situation, you need to reevaluate what you can do for your nonprofit marketing plan.

Take these 3 marketing strategies and see how you can implement them.

Tailor Your Message

You want to get more donations? Pay attention to how you craft your messages. If you’re planning on a quick, one weekend only push—your marketing strategy will be simple. For a long term campaign, be prepared to plan, test, and implement all the time.

Make sure you tailor your message to the right audience, too.

Melissa Kushner of goods for good says, “Some people can’t make it through the elevator pitch, while others want to know every detail.”

Most of all, be prepared to switch things around and do testing—it all depends on your audience’s level of engagement.

Share the Right Stories

Whether it’s your nonprofit leader or newest volunteer, your organization has someone with a story to tell. But could that harm your fundraising mission?

If you want to really spur donations, share the story of where the money is going. If a donor sees how far a donation goes inside your organization, they’ll ready to donate more.

With transparency, you can keep your core audience engaged and eager to participate.

Of course, every now and then you can share the stories of your staff, just don’t always lead with that.

Pair Your Brand

So you want to stick to your mission, but you have some opportunities to partner with other organizations and companies. If their brand and ideal match your brand and ideal, it’s a good path to go.

How can this help you? By pairing with an organization that has similar values, you’ll introduce your nonprofit to a new donor cohort and believers in your mission.

This could be a church, a green tech startup, or even a similar nonprofit.

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