Start the New Year With a New Brand

A new year means new beginnings – and what better way to embrace the “new” than with a complete reboot of your nonprofit or charity?
Updating your organization’s brand can help with efficient communication, engage with a particular audience, or even keep your mission relevant with modern times.
When deciding to rebrand, you need to have a straightforward goal, and a plan to achieve it. Here are a few tips from the Internet about how to successfully change your organization’s image:

Choose the Right Time to Rebrand
Though the start of the new year seems like an appropriate time for most, it isn’t necessarily right for all. Decide if your organization requires a change in needs or goals because a different branding will affect how your group operates.

Consider if your organization needs a mission update, if there’s a change in donor retention rates, or need a new opportunity to stand out. If so, then the lengthy process of rebranding may greatly benefit your charitable efforts.

Build a Brand Manual
A helpful device to have when rebranding is a brand manual or guide because you can create distinctive guidelines for your organization’s message and design. The voice of your nonprofit or charity should be consistent from print to digital, or even in-person.

Your brand manual can include communication techniques for social media and inform your team members about the organization’s new approach and vision. Be sure to establish a precise way of communicating which will give your audiences a better view of your tax-exempt group’s purpose.

Change and Mix Things Up
Rebranding is the perfect time for your organization to stand out above the rest. Consider remodeling your nonprofit’s logo or creating a catchy slogan. The key is clearly expressing your group’s mission and values to your audience – refer to your brand manual about what you’re trying to convey to people.

Establish Fundamental Messages
Your organization’s essential messages work in multiple ways – they express the facts and goals of your strategy and vision, but it also displays your group’s legacy and personality. You should also be aware of what your audience values when creating key messages. Be able to strike a balance – your message is about the organization and work it accomplishes, but that information should also be relatable to your audiences.

Keep At It
Once you complete your rebranding, the changes must remain consistent, so everyone is familiar with the new look. Speak with your members throughout the entire process and consider their opinions. Have them all become knowledgeable of the new communication techniques – the more they know, the better they represent the organization.

Keep your audience up to date so when you finally implement the changes they aren’t confused with a different organization. Promote your new brand via websites and social media along with those essential messages which give your audience a better view of your goals and values.

Rebranding an exempt organization is a drawn out process that requires a considerable amount of time and effort. Even so, you still can’t neglect other responsibilities like filing your annual return with the IRS. offers cloud-based solutions for tax-exempt groups to electronically file 990 forms to the IRS quicker and easier than paper filing.

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