The Best Way To Encourage Online Giving

Diverse Group Participating in Online Giving

As a charitable nonprofit you rely on the support and generosity of donors for some or all your funding. While some of you are still using traditional giving methods, online giving has become the “new norm.” Here is the best way to encourage online giving.

Transitioning from traditional to online fundraising is simpler than you might think; plus it will increase your donor base from just your local community to national.

How To Create Online Fundraising Your Donors Will Love

Implement Online Giving

We spend hours on our cell phones or tablets each day, so it is safe to say technology reigns supreme. If you are not already using online fundraising, you are missing out on a major opportunity. 

As a nonprofit organization, it is critical to invest in simple online giving methods. Consider having a mobile version of your website created and utilize easy online donation programs such as PayPal, Square [Cash App is great too!], Givelify, etc. 

Keep Your Donation Form Short

Let’s be honest; no one wants to spend half an hour trying to donate to your organization. Simplify your donation form and eliminate unnecessary fields.

Typically donors will only briefly scan your donation forms before deciding to give. If your form appears long, extensive, and complex, you may be losing out on potential donors.

Test your platform. Ask a friend or third party to complete the form themselves to see what they found confusing, time-consuming, and flat out annoying. You have seen your donation form a million times, and you understand all the information asked. However, having someone unfamiliar with your donation process will gain a better understanding of what the average donor sees. 

Easy Access To Online Donation Form 

The easier it is to access, the easier it is for people to donate. 

Accessing your organization’s online donation platform should be a piece of cake for potential donors. If they have to go on a scavenger hunt to find a way to donate, they will likely give up in pursuit.

Large, colorful and clear “DONATE” buttons are always the way to go. Consider having a donate button at the top and bottom of your website or page, but do not go overboard with the donate buttons. The last thing you want to do is harass your potential donors and readers for an online donation.

Group of individuals discussing online giving

Close With A Strong Call To Action (CTA)

Now that you have driven potential donors to your organization and informed them of the great things you do in your community, prompt them to donate.

This can be done through a “Donate Now” button or link that instruct donors on how they can make a difference such as, “Help Us Make A Difference In Your Community!”

Believe it or not, there are thousands of people that are looking for a charitable cause to donate to each year. Utilize these tips to attract potential donors and maintain your much-needed donor base. Once you have received donations be sure to keep accurate records so you can accurately file your 990 Form with ExpressTaxExempt at the close of your organization’s tax year.  

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