How to Invite Your Team Members to Assist in 990 Form Preparation

Invite your team members to help you complete your 990 series return!

Inviting team members to assist in 990 form preparation

The November 990 series filing deadline is just a few weeks away. Don’t stress, you’re not alone! To help you file more efficiently,  ExpressTaxExempt allows clients to invite and manage team members to assist you in your form preparation. You can also invite your board members to review and approve your return before you file it with the IRS.

How to manage additional users

After you enter your account information and organization details, you can create additional accounts for employees or members of your organization. They’ll have limited access to your account depending on if you choose to make them a viewer or an editor. Follow these steps to invite additional users:

  1. Click “my account”
  2. Click “manage additional users”
  3. Click “add additional users”
  4. Enter the additional user’s information and choose their access type
  5. Click “create user”

Additional users will be able to log in to your account with their own credentials and start helping you complete your form.

How to manage reviewers and approvers

If you’ve finished your form and want someone to review it, you can invite members of your organization to approve your work. They will be able to access a secure portal where they can comment, make suggestions or verify with an e-signature. Follow these steps to invite approvers:

  1. Click “my account”
  2. Click “manage reviewers and approvers”
  3. Click “add user”
  4. Enter the user’s details and your tax year
  5. Click “share return”

Approvers will not have access to your account like additional users. They will only see your return through the portal. 

If you still need additional support, ExpressTaxExempt’s live customer support team is available via email, phone, or chat at (704) 839-2321 and [email protected] from 8:30 AM-5:30 PM EST Monday through Friday.

Filing a 990 series return is no small task. Luckily, you don’t have to do it all alone. Take advantage of all ExpressTaxExempt’s helpful features and tools today!

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