New York CHAR500 Deadlines Have Been Extended: What You Need To Know

There is a six-month extension on form CHAR500 for New York State nonprofits and tax-exempt organizations.


From fighting food insecurity to providing medical support, New York nonprofits are shielding the United States during COVID-19. As they continue to provide and protect, canceled events, work from home schedules, and changes in funding have charities catching their balance. 

Taking current events into consideration, the Attorney General’s Charities Bureau is extending the deadline for CHAR500 forms. CHAR500 is an annual financial report that nonprofits and tax-exempt organizations based in the State of New York file with the Charities Bureau

What is the New Deadline?

Nonprofits and tax-exempt organizations can add six months to their filing deadline for CHAR500. Deadline dates are separated into two Registration Types: Article 7-A and Dual and EPTL.

Organizations that solicit contributions from businesses, residents, or the government in New York State register as Article 7-A. Organizations that fit this category but are also incorporated register as Dual. 

Article 7-A and Dual registrants’ CHAR500 forms are due on the 15th day of the 5th month after their accounting period ends. 

Organizations that are incorporated but do not fit the 7-A qualifications file as EPTL. The deadline for EPTL is the last day of the 6th month after the organization’s accounting period.  

For both of these groups, the Charities Bureau grants an automatic six-month extension. Due to the strain of COVID-19, the Bureau is now giving a second six-month extension. All organizations whose deadline after the initial extension fall past February 15, 2020, now have an additional six months to file. 

Ready to File?

Nonprofits and tax-exempt organizations have extra time to navigate filing during the unprecedented conditions of COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean they have to wait. If they want to check CHAR500 off the list, they are free to file any date before the deadline. Whenever the time is right, ExpressTaxExempt software makes the process smooth.

If an organization needs more time to file, even with the extension, they can request another extension from the IRS by filing Form 8868 any time before the deadline. This form should be sent to the Charities Bureau at

As organizations overcome challenges in the world, ExpressTaxExempt’s support team is here to answer any questions about the Form CHAR500. Times are uncertain, and nonprofits are busier than ever, but with Express Tax Exempt, filing has never been simpler, speedier, or more secure. 

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