New Leadership? No Problem: Organizational Leadership Transition Tips

As we ease into the month of July, some organizations are embracing [or planning to elect] new leadership to continue carrying out the work of their group. Good leaders strive to leave their organization in good standing and provide future leaders with ample information to ensure a smooth transition. While some organizations in this predicament may have a transition method in place to train new leaders, there are others that may need or want to implement some useful strategies to ensure the core leadership of their group remains solid.

Major things such as annual tax filing due dates, record keeping, or maintaining tax-exempt status cannot afford to “fall by the wayside” during each transition of leadership.

At ExpressTaxExempt, we realize that your mission is to help others, so now, let us help you! Here are some leadership transition tips that could be beneficial to your organization:

Get Organized – Prior to new leaders beginning their term, try your best to make sure things are organized so that leaders can focus on their duties without having to go against any unnecessary roadblocks.

Leadership Transition Binder – A great tool and gift to incoming leaders is to provide them with a binder that has all of the documents they need to be successful in their new leadership role. They will reference these items throughout their tenure, so make sure they are detailed and organized.

  • *Each binder should have general “must-haves” like the organization’s bylaws, calendar of events, etc., as well as specific documents that would be helpful to the individual and their position. For example, the organization’s treasurer or director of finance should receive information like previous financial records, state tax forms/info, tax filing information (EIN/Tax ID#, bank account information, pending significant financial transactions, fundraising information) and more.

-Discuss Organization’s Policies & Procedures

-Set realistic goals and objectives for the year
-Go over each leader’s duties in detail. Explain what they are and are not responsible for.  
-Inform New Leaders of Key External Relationships

  • *For leadership roles that require working relationships with other leaders outside of the organization, a Contact Sheet should be provided with contact information (name, title, email address, phone number) for each individual. 
With these useful tools and tips, your leadership team should be on the road to success as they continue to carry out the great work that your organization does from day to day. Be sure to keep your tax-exempt status by annually filing with ExpressTaxExempt. Unsure of your filing deadline? We have a Fiscal Tax Year Filing Calendar available for you to take advantage of. Enjoy your summer and feel free to comment with any other leadership transition tips and we’ll add them in!

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