How to Complete Form 990-N in 3 Simple Steps

IRS Form 990-N filing instructions for tax-exempt organizations

Form 990-N

If you’re running a smaller nonprofit, Form 990-N is the perfect option to avoid some of the paperwork that goes along with your IRS requirements. Here is everything you need to know to complete your form. 

What is Form 990-N?

Form 990-N is the e-Postcard of 990 forms. It is an eight-question form that allows nonprofits to meet their filing requirements easily. Form 990-N can only be filed electronically. Click here for more information on Form 990-N.

Who Can File Form 990-N?

Form 990-N is a great way for smaller nonprofits to simplify their filing process and reduce the time it takes to meet their tax-exempt filing requirements. Organizations with gross receipts under $50,000 can file Form 990-N

Not sure which form your nonprofit needs to file? Visit this article and catch up on the IRS’s requirements for charities. 

What Information is Required on Form 990-N?

Form 990-N is a simple 990 series form but there’s still a lot of information to report. Here are the 8 things you’ll need to include when you file Form 990-N for your organization:

  1. Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). This number allows the IRS to identify your organization. 
  2. The tax year you are filing Form 990-N to report on.
  3. Your organization’s legal name and mailing address.
  4. The name your organization goes by.
  5. Your principal officer’s name and address
  6. Your organization’s website, if you have one.
  7. Report that your organization’s annual gross receipts are$50,000 or less.
  8. If your organization is going out of business or being terminated, report that as well. 

How to E-file Form 990-N 

Filing Form 990-N is easier with an e-file provider. ExpressTaxExempt is an IRS authorized e-file provider, proud to support the nonprofit sector. You can enter all your required information and file Form 990-N online in 3 simple steps. For tips on choosing the best e-filing solution for your organization, click here

Step 1: Enter your EIN 

To get started, search your organizations’ Employer Identification Number (EIN). This will allow you to access your filing history and get started on Form 990-N.

Step 2: Select your filing year

Let the IRS know which tax year you are filing for. With ExpressTaxExempt, you can also carry over information from past years when entering your organizations’ information.

Step 3: Review and Transmit to the IRS

After you complete Form 990-N, ExpressTaxExempt checks your information for errors and makes it easy to correct mistakes. Check your form, resolve any issues, and then transmit Form 990-N directly to the IRS.

Get all the support you need when you meet your Form 990-N deadline with ExpressTaxExempt. Our support team is 100% U.S.-based and happy to help. We’re excited to support your nonprofit in tax-exempt filing. 

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