The Form 990 Deadline is Here! How to Stay Safe

What nonprofits need to know about the September 15 IRS Form 990 deadline.

From organizations that work directly in pandemic response and virus education to those who continue to support our communities on a daily basis, the nonprofit sector is absolutely vital in the fight against COVID-19. 

Filing Form 990 every year is a crucial part of taking care of a nonprofit organization. We’re here to help nonprofits stay healthy and tax-exempt so they can continue to care for the world. 

Form 990 is due by September 15

The IRS Form 990 filing deadline is the 15th day of the 5th month following the end of your organization’s tax year. 

For nonprofits whose tax year ended May 31, Form 990 is due by September 15, 2020.

Meet Your Form 990 Deadline

You can meet your deadline easily when you e-file Form 990 with ExpressTaxExempt. E-filing is the IRS recommendation, and, if your Form 990 is due September 15 and you’re cutting it a little close, it’s the fastest way to get your return accepted on time.

You can answer simple questions to help you supply all your information easily with our interview-style filing option or fill out a traditional Form 990 online. You’ll also be able to accelerate your filing process with our bulk upload feature and access information from previous returns. Filing Form 990 close to your organization’s deadline can be stressful, but with ExpressTaxExempt, you have all the tools you need. 

Click here for our simple guide to completing IRS Form 990.

Last-Minute Form 990 Filing

Avoid Mistakes

Especially during this time, if you find yourself completing your Form 990 return right before it’s due to the IRS, we understand and we’re here to help. Filing at the last minute could put your nonprofit at a higher risk of mistakes, but it doesn’t have to cause the IRS to reject your return. 

When you e-file Form 990 with ExpressTaxExempt, our software runs an internal audit, checking your information for discrepancies, typos, and errors that could lead to rejection. You’ll be able to correct your form easily before we transmit it to the IRS.

Get Support  

There’s nothing worse than filing Form 990 close to the deadline, needing help, and having nowhere to turn. When you file Form 990 online with us, you’ll have expert support on your side. Our support team is 100% U.S. based, specializes in Form 990 filing, and is always happy to answer your questions. 

Click here to find out more about avoiding last-minute mistakes when you file Form 990.

IRS Penalties and How to Avoid Them 

The best way to avoid IRS penalties is to e-file Form 990 on time. The IRS fines $20 a day for late filing, and those penalties can rack all the way up to $10,000, or 5% of your organization’s gross receipts.

Late filing is bad for your organization’s public image, can damage your donor relationships, and three years of forgetting to file can cause the IRS to revoke your tax-exempt status. Thankfully, filing Form 990 online is easy, secure, and can be completely worry-free. 

Extend Your Form 990 Deadline

If you don’t think you will be able to complete Form 990 by your organization’s deadline, you have another option. You can file Form 8868 to request an extension on your Form 990. As long as you file Form 8868 on or before your Form 990 deadline, the IRS will grant you additional filing time.

Click here for more information about extending your deadline with Form 8868.

ExpressTaxExempt is committed to helping your organization stay safe. We’re here to support you every step of the way and we guarantee IRS acceptance or refund your filing fee. Meet your IRS Form 990 filing deadline or request an extension today. 

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