Tales from the Nonprofit

There’s nothing better than a good story – except maybe food and a good story. But even without the food, a story has it’s own worth. A great story can stir emotions, create a call to action, or simply entertain. For nonprofits and charities, a story can inspire to give. Of course we don’t mean just any story, but a story of the work done by your organization that has influenced or helped others within the community.
As much work as your organization accomplishes, there’s probably a story or fascinating experience for every staff member or volunteer. Ironically, the most challenging part of sharing these stories is first finding them. Here are some ways to boost your organization’s storytelling to share with donors.

Be Specific

  • You need to know exactly what kind of story you’re looking to share from your programs – broadly asking for any story will give you just that. And your staff member or volunteer may have numerous unique experiences within the nonprofit per day. Help them select the best choice by requesting for a specific story.

Stories at Staff Meetings

  • Can’t make rounds to everyone? Take a few minutes during regular staff meetings and ask your members to share a special, impressionable, or surprising moment from the previous week. The entire story doesn’t have to be told at that very moment – just a minute or two. You can meet up with the member later to gather details. This will allow you to get great stories straight from the source rather than spending the day randomly going from person to person.

Strategic Listening

  • Another way to find great stories is to simply listen to what is going on around you. And no, we don’t mean eavesdropping, or what we affectionately refer to in our office as “ear hustling,” but instead to pay close attention to the many conversations you have with your staff and volunteers each day. Listen well and strategically ask questions that reveal further information.

Story Submission

  • Maybe the problem isn’t coming up with stories, but rather what to do with them. With so much to do, your staff can’t possibly drop everything to express a worthy experience. A paper or online form can allow anyone to quickly submit their story. You can find online resources about creating forms.

Show Them the Way

  • A great way to get others to openly express themselves is for you to openly express yourself. Share your own stories of the donors you speak with, the people you’ve helped, or any thoughtful, impressionable moments. Not only does it add value to the relationships of those working around you, but it also establishes connections to those who graciously fund your programs.

Getting your organization’s message and efforts known by the masses is a team effort, but sharing more stories can lead to more donations, allowing you to make even more of an impact in our world.

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