We spend Thanksgiving reflecting upon what we’re thankful for, we have Black Friday and Cyber Monday to participate in some of the best shopping deals of the year, and now the consecutive day tradition continues on with #GivingTuesday – a dedicated, global day to giving back. Since 2012, the Tuesday following Thanksgiving has committed the world coming together to promote generosity, and to give back to communities and those less fortunate.
Humble Beginnings
#GivingTuesday began with the charitable organization, 92nd Street Y, as a way to connect diverse groups of people, organizations, and businesses worldwide to honor and support the act of giving. The movement utilizes the limitless capabilities of social media as a platform for donors, no matter how big or small, to encourage donations of resources, talents, or even just time towards local challenges.

Anyone, anywhere can become involved with #GivingTuesday. All it takes is just coming up with some way you, your family, your organization, or your business can give back to your community. While you are giving, inform as many as you can about how you’re giving through various social media channels. You can post text, a photo, or even a video with the #GivingTuesday in your post.

You can give as much or as little as your heart deems necessary; however, remember that if you’re giving considerably, you can deduct the amount during tax season. For more information about tax deductions from giving to charity, check out the following blog:
Year-End Gifts for Charity

Nonprofits & Charities
#GivingTuesday serves as the grand kickoff for the charitable season, when people have their attention set on holiday and end-of-year giving. On your end, your nonprofit or charity organization may have to report contributions and gifts received if they exceed a certain amount. With ExpressTaxExempt, you can report those amounts as simple as listing the name of donor, the type of donation, and the monetary value of the donation.

ExpressTaxExempt also offers a bulk upload feature so you can list all your received contributions at once. All you need is to have your contributions listed on a spreadsheet, and then upload that spreadsheet within the program. We even provide a pre-made spreadsheet that you can download directly from us.

It truly is the start of the giving season, and our live support team in Rock Hill, South Carolina is available to give any assistance you may need to e-file a tax return for your exempt organization. Contact us at (704) 839-2321, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. We also offer 24/7 email support through support@expresstaxexempt.com, or feel free to live chat us at our website.

Don’t forget to share with us your acts of giving in the comment section below!

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