Mystery Solved: Exempt Organization Employment & Form 941

When you first think of a nonprofit organization or charity, you initially think that everyone participating is volunteering their time and not on payroll. However, in order to effectively carry out of the work of your organization, it is necessary (at times) to employ individuals to serve as yearly staff. 
Exempt Organizations with EmployeesAlthough these employed individuals work for a tax exempt organization, they are not excluded from having taxes withheld from their earnings. Employment taxes are reported to the IRS through Form 941, Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return.
Organizations, charities, and small business owners who prepare payroll checks for the employment of staff are expected to file this form quarterly (four times a year); even if the business does not have employees during select quarters. 
The next quarterly deadline for filing this form is Tuesday, October 31. 
However, exceptions are made for seasonal employees, whose taxes are not required to be filed each quarter.
NOTE: If you have decided to close your business/organization or stop paying wages that would subject you to payroll taxes, your obligation to file quarterly returns can end. This can be done by designating the return for the last quarter that you pay taxable wages as a “final” return at the top of the return.

Information Needed to File

In order to file Form 941, you must report three major things:
    Business Owners Filing Employee Taxes

  1. Number of Employees
  2. Total Wages Paid
  3. Amount Withheld [to calculate the tax payments owed] 
Payroll records along with any documents supplied by employees with taxable tips will be needed as well. For more information on Social security and Medicare tax, click here.

Filing Form 941

To complete the Form 941 filing process, you must have details about your business readily available, such as your company’s EIN and online signature PIN (preferred). 
To obtain a PIN for your business or organization for FREE, click here. Once you have received your PIN, you can easily complete the simplified filing process. 
HINT: Form 941 can be e-signed through Form 8453-EMP.

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