Invite Reviewers & Additional Users This Tax Season

The tax season is nearly upon us with the IRS filing deadline for exempt organizations just a little over a month away. Before the stress starts to settle in, ExpressTaxExempt offers you convenient ways to get some help directly from your tax-exempt group without hauling multiple form copies.
Manage Additional Users
Once you’ve entered your organization details, you can create user accounts for members or key employees with limited access to oversee your 2016 Form 990. Create your additional accounts with these steps:

  1. 1. Click the “My Account” tab
  2. 2. Click “Manage Additional Users.”
  3. 3. Click the “Add Additional User” button
  4. 4. Enter the user’s details (name, phone number, email) and select the type of access
  5. 5. Click “Create User” button

Your additional user will receive an email containing a password which they can use along with their email address to log into your account.

Important: There are two types of access you can set for your users – “View” and “Edit.” “View” allows users to see everything in your account without the ability to make any changes. “Edit” can grant your users limited permissions such as paying and transmitting to the IRS or receiving notification emails.

Manage Reviewers and Approvers
After generating your Form 990 copy, you can invite board members or other officers to review your return before e-filing your 990 form to the IRS. These requests grant access to a secure web portal where members can add comments, make suggestions, or verify with electronic signatures. Send your invitations with these steps:

  1. 1. Click the “My Account” tab
  2. 2. Click “Manage Reviewers and Approvers.”
  3. 3. Click the “Add User” button
  4. 4. Enter user’s details and select the tax year of the 990 form
  5. 5. Click “Share Return” button

Your recipients will get an email containing a link to the secure portal and a password to log in. Unlike additional users, your reviewers won’t have access to your account – they can only see the copy of your completed return.

If you have any questions about adding users or inviting reviewers from your account, contact our live US-based support team at 704.839.2321, or with [email protected]. Eliminate tax season stress completely with our in-depth filing assistance by scheduling a Premium Support session before the May 15 deadline directly from your ExpressTaxExempt account.

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