Anytime Filing is Right Here with ExpressTaxExempt!

Form 990 is long, huh? And while Form 990-EZ is shorter, it’s not that much of a breeze either. And don’t even get us started on Form 990-PF. Plus the schedules! Basically, if you aren’t e-filing Form 990-N (the e-Postcard), you’re going to be putting in quite a bit of time completing the yearly IRS information return for your tax-exempt organization.

Of course, if you find you’re running out of time, there’s always Form 8868, the tax-exempt extension form which will get you 6 extra months to e-file your 990 Form. But why not start a little earlier than you normally would, do a little of your form at a time, then send it off knowing that it’s accurate and error-free? With ExpressTaxExempt, you can!

Cloud-Based E-filing
ExpressTaxExempt is a unique option for e-filing your 990 Form because it’s an entirely cloud-based program. Everything you do in your account is saved for the next time you log in. We know you’re busy, so if you need to go in, do a little 990-ing, then go do something else, you can!

Do a Little or Do a Lot!
We’ve streamlined the process of completing Form 990! That means you go straight through your form rather than jumping between parts and schedules to complete your return. This makes it even easier to do a little of your return – or a lot of it! – at a time. Once you complete a section and click “Continue,” that section is automatically saved in your account so if you need to log off for a bit, you can pick right back up where you left when you come back.

File Anytime, Anywhere…
We say “Anytime Filing” because we mean ANYTIME filing. And that cloud-based e-filing part means you can file anywhere too, so long as you have an internet connection. You can e-file at your computer or with a tablet using the ExpressTaxExempt mobile site, optimized for tablet use.

…And We’ll Be Here to Help!
Not only do we have error checks built into our program, but our US-based customer support is available anytime you need it too! If you have any questions while you’re working through your 990 Form, we’re available by phone, live chat, and email and are happy to help in any way we can!

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