Meet Your February 15th 990 Series Return Deadline with ExpressTaxExempt!

E-File your return now with ExpressTaxExempt!

Love is in the air and so is the February 15th 990 series return deadline! Organizations whose tax year ended on September 30th must file their annual 990 series return by February 15th. Also, if an organization filed extension Form 8868 on August 15th, their 990 return deadline is also February 15th. 

ExpressTaxExempt is here to make your filing process as simple and straightforward as possible. Here’s how:

Choice of Form-Based Entry or Interview Style Entry

When filing your 990 series return with ExpressTaxExempt, you can choose between either form-based or interview-style filing. If you are new to e-filing, form-based filing may be favorable because it mimics paper filing.  If you select interview-based filing, you will be asked a series of questions that will ultimately populate your return. ExpressTaxExempt provides both interview and form-based entry options so clients can choose one that makes their filing experience as straightforward and easy as possible. 

Additional Assistance 

Filing a 990 series return is a tedious task that can easily become very time-consuming. Luckily, with ExpressTaxExempt, you don’t have to do it alone! With ExpressTaxExempt, there are many different ways you can get additional assistance when filing your return:

  • Manage Additional Users – Organizations can easily create additional ExpressTaxExempt user accounts for staff members. Creating these additional accounts is simple and they provide staff members with access to manage your organization’s account details. This feature helps lessen the amount of work that comes with filing your return on your own. 
  • Manage Reviewers and Approvers – ExpressTaxExempt allows you to invite users to review your 990 return, add comments, and make changes if needed. Afterward, they can approve the return by digital signature.
  • Live Customer Support – If you have any questions or concerns when filing your return, ExpressTaxExempt’s live customer support team is here to help! They are available via phone, email, or chat!

Quick and Convenient Filing

ExpressTaxExempt is here to help you file your return on time and efficiently. Here are some tools we offer that help make your filing process simple:

  • Schedules – With ExpressTaxExempt, the Form 990 Schedules you will be required to complete will be auto-generated for you based on the responses you provide while filling out your form.
  • Internal Audit – ExpressTaxExempt’s internal audit will review your form to check for any IRS instruction errors or missing information.
  • Copy Return – If you are filing Form 990/990-EZ with our interview-based filing method, you can use our copy return feature to copy certain information from a previously filed return.
  • Cloud-based software – Access your account from anywhere or continue from where you last left off filing your return with ExpressTaxExempt’s cloud-based software


Nonprofits choose ExpressTaxExempt as their go-to e-filing solution to provide an accurate, safe, and convenient e-filing experience for their IRS Form 990 returns. ExpressTaxExempt supports Form 990-EZ as well as Form 990, 990-N, 990-PF, 990-T, 1120-POL, and extension Form 8868. With all the helpful features ExpressTaxExempt has to offer, filing your return will be a breeze!

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