Filing Just In Time For The March 15 Deadline

The go-to word for this season of life seems to be “deadline!” It seems like every time you turn around there’s a new deadline on the horizon. Well this time around it is the March 15 deadline for applicable exempt organizations who file Form 990.

Nonprofit leader e-filing Form 990 for the March 15 deadline

Tax exempt organizations with a fiscal tax year that ended on October 31, 2017 are required to file a 990 Form by Thursday, March 15th. Yes, that’s this this Thursday!

Before you have a panic attack, ExpressTaxExempt is here to provide you with some last minute filing tips that will help you file just in time for the March 15 deadline.

Filing Just In Time For The March 15 Deadline

Before we go into the useful tips, the first thing you’ll need to do in order to file on time is to create a free ExpressTaxExempt account.

This account will give you access to our easy-to-use e-filing guide where you can instantly complete your Form 990 and transmit it directly to the IRS.

1) Know Your Deadline

If there’s nothing you take away from this blog [besides the fact that you should file with ExpressTaxExempt – Lol!], it’s knowing when your 990 Form is due and how to file it.

An organization that has a calendar tax year operates for 12 consecutive months and ends in December; meaning that their Form 990 is due annually on May 15.

Organizations with a fiscal tax year, meaning it operates for 12 consecutive months but ends in any month besides December, have their Form 990 due five months and 15 days after their tax year ends.

If your fiscal tax year ended in October then your Form 990 is due by March 15th. 

2) Request More Time to File

If you’re in a time crunch just file Form 8868 for an automatic 6-month extension!

Form 8868 is used by nonprofit groups, charities, and other tax-exempt organizations to get an extension of their return. By simply filing this form with us by your original Form 990 deadline you will get an automatic 6-month extension of time to file your Form 990. 

Professional leader getting organized for the Form 990 March 15 Deadline3) Organize Your Information

Although it doesn’t take long to file Form 990 with ExpressTaxExempt, the process is even quicker when you have your information prepared ahead of time.

In order to file you will need your organization details, program services, revenue, expenses, supplemental financial statements, net assets balance sheets, a list of employees, and tax compliance with governance, management, and disclosures.

4) File With ExpressTaxExempt

Forget about spending hours trying to figure out complicated tax forms or paying for an expensive accountant to handle it for you. Just create your free ExpressTaxExempt account and follow our step-by-step e-filing instructions to complete your Form 990 in a matter of minutes.

We’ve taken the time to design a quick and easy e-filing method that eliminates the time-consuming process of having to deal with extra steps. Plus, we provide helpful text along the way to answer all of your questions!

We also offer exclusive e-filing features to simplify the entire process. For example, you can use the bulk upload feature to upload all of your information at once.

Also, our internal audit check will catch any basic mistakes before your Form 990 is transmitted to the IRS. 

Filing just in time for the March 15 deadline is easy when you do it with ExpressTaxExempt. Let us help you this tax season!

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