What Happens After I File My 990-N With Express990 ?

We all know that filing with Express990.com is the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to file your 990-N, however, the process after hitting “Transmit” can be a bit veiled.

Here’s the inside scoop:
Once you fill out your credit card information and click “Transmit,” we entrust our army of micro-bots to jet through cyberspace at warp speed and safely reach the IRS Processing Server  ….. just kidding, but wouldn’t the world be more interesting if that’s really how it all worked?

All joking aside, here’s what actually happens to your return: 
An electronic message is sent to the IRS, where they search their database for your tax-exempt organization. If all of the information matches up, they update your file with the current year’s form, and send a message back to Express990.com confirming that your e-Postcard has been accepted. 
Once we receive this message, we send a confirmation email to the address you used to register an account on our site. This confirmation email will contain a congratulations message from us and a PDF of your 990-N. Should the IRS reject your filing for any reason, they will notify us and we will in turn notify you via email or phone call. The email should contain the reason for rejection and you may access the same information on your Express990 Dashboard, the homepage of our site once you log in.

Feel free to contact the Express990 Support Team, located in Rock Hill, SC, with any questions:

Phone: 704.839.2321   Email: support@expresstaxexempt.com

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