Nonprofit Showcase (Halfway There Rescue)

As there is a need to help our fellow man, there is also an urgency to help the animals that coexist with us on this beautiful planet. While all animals on Earth are important indeed, it’s the companion animals that the majority of people interact or have had experience with. Known also as pets, these animals – such as dogs or cats – can provide physical and emotional benefits like daily exercise and social interaction.

In the Charlotte, North Carolina area, there are dogs and cats, within overcrowded shelters, longing for the love from a happy, permanent home. Halfway There Rescue has embodied that situation and made it their mission to rescue, foster, transport, and provide homes for neglected companion animals.

Founded by Rock Hill’s own dog rescue enthusiast, Sarah Lewis, Halfway There Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is operated entirely through the resounding efforts of volunteers. Since February 2012, they have helped nearly 2,000 dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens find happy, loving homes – all with no paid staff or owned facilities.

Halfway There Rescue serves both states of the Carolinas; their primary outreach is within Mecklenburg, York, Lancaster, and Chester counties. The organization has established direct relationships with shelters and animal control centers to bring in dogs and cats before euthanization. In rare situations, Halfway There Rescue may obtain owner surrenders; however, work is typically done through shelter systems.

“Adoption is the loving option,” and the awesome volunteers of Halfway There Rescue make it possible for the Carolinas to take home these adorable, loving creatures as one of their own. Through its exemplary efforts and humane contributions, Halfway There Rescue shines as our nonprofit showcase of the month.

Information about how you can volunteer or adopt can be found on the Halfway There Rescue website.

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