Nonprofit Showcase (Children’s Attention Home)

It’s 1969, a desperate time in history when abused, neglected, and homeless children had no options other than foster care. These homes were limited, and soon these victimized children were placed in jail cells because of no appropriate emergency shelters. Even still, there wasn’t enough to provide for the impoverished children.
– Rock Hill, South Carolina. 1970 –
In a calm neighborhood near Winthrop University, a house was rented, renovated, and opened its doors to devoid children as a haven of support and shelter. Because of the diligent efforts of the Rock Hill Ministerial Association and countless volunteers, donations of clothes, toys, and essentials were greatly generated for the children in need. The Children’s Attention Home became a beacon of “a strong commitment to community service and a genuine spirit of unity and mutual interest in the welfare of the children.”

Today, the Children’s Attention Home has kept its doors open to over 7,500 children. The objective of this nonprofit organization is to temporarily provide a care shelter, which children – up to age 21 – can experience a family life of love and security until either their previous home is corrected, or a better, permanent home is found.

The Children’s Attention Home has accomplished its objective for the last 45 years along with its mission to give children a stable home setting, opportunities for success, and tools to form their own futures and better the world for others as well as themselves.

Three cottages, licensed by the South Carolina Department of Social Services, make up the main campus of the Children’s Attention Home, which can house up to 42 children at a time. Children stay at the Home for an average of three to six months, though there have been circumstances when children are advised to stay longer. While living at the Home, children are taught basic living skills, job skills, and take part in other physical, educational, and recreational activities.

With the support from local donors and volunteers, the Children’s Attention Home continues to serve victimized children from all counties of South Carolina. And with that, we are proud to present Children’s Attention Home as our nonprofit showcase for the month – Thank You.

More information about Children’s Attention Home can be found through the organization’s website including how you can become involved, and emergency crisis contacts.

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