Nonprofit Showcase: Carolina Poodle Rescue

In the world of nonprofits, we find ourselves drawn to many causes. For a select few in the Carolinas, they have felt the call to help rescue poodles and other small dogs that have no home, have been abused, and those that simply need some extra care.

At the Carolina Poodle Rescue, you find a passionate network of volunteers who dedicated their time to transport, sponsor, support, and adopt poodles into loving homes.

Carolina Poodle Rescue’s Mission

  • To rescue, rehabilitate, offer permanent sanctuary and, when appropriate, rehome needy poodles and small dogs.
  • To encourage the human-animal bond by promoting activities that serve to bring animals and their people closer together.
  • To support the efforts of those in the animal rescue community seeking to end euthanasia as a means of population control.

As a no-kill, limited-entry private rescue group, Carolina Poodle Rescue believes and supports the No More Homeless Pets and spay/neuter initiatives. As a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, they are supported by that passionate volunteer network we mentioned earlier.

Before being placed, any animals adopted from Carolina Poodle Rescue are spayed or neutered. When CPR receives an application, they interview the candidates, tour their home, check references, and make sure that it’s a safe bet for one of their dogs.

With a detailed waiting list of homes and families, Carolina Poodle Rescue is able to rehome a large number of pets throughout the year.

The efforts of Carolina Poodle Rescue are are funded solely through adoption fees and donations, which is wild when you think they go through about 2,000 lbs of dry dog food in any given month!

Carolina Poodle Rescue truly believes in its mission, and even supports a number of unhoused rescues that can’t find a home due to age, health, or medical needs.

This blogger even knows of one poodle who was successfully rehoused from CPR. He’s about 15 lbs and hasn’t left my lap since arriving in our house this summer. My family was pleased with the fact that CPR took the time to match a dog to our lifestyle and needs. Thanks, Carolina Poodle Rescue!

Wally the Poodle – Adopted from Carolina Poodle Rescue
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Looking for a new dog? I suggest filling out an application at Carolina Poodle Rescue!

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