Meet Your Year-End Filing Deadlines with TaxBandits!

ExpressTaxExempt's sister product, TaxBandits, is your go-to e-filing solution for Forms 1099, W-2, and 94x!

When it comes to filing 990 series returns, we have you covered! Did you know our sister product offers a solution for your year-end filing needs? 

TaxBandits has your W-2, 1099, and 94x filing needs covered this year! The January 31st deadline is only 4 business days away, so it’s time for business owners, payroll providers, and tax professionals to begin year-end filing for themselves and their clients. 

With an IRS-authorized e-file provider by your side like TaxBandits, meeting your year-end deadlines will be a breeze! Not to mention, it will also be as affordable as ever!

Benefits of Filing with TaxBandits

  • Federal and State Filing (1099/W2)
  • Postal mailing and online access options for recipient copies
  • IRS business rule validations
  • Bulk upload options for your business and form details
  • Instant updates on the status of your returns
  • Excellent, live customer support 

Create a free TaxBandits account today and meet your year-end filing deadlines quickly and easily! Don’t wait until the last minute, start filing now!

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