Increase Donations with Social Media

So you started a nonprofit organization, and now it’s time to earn those donations. What do you do? The traditional route of holding fundraisers, networking with local businesses, and using postal mail to communicate with your potential donors are time-tested strategies that work. But marketing through social media is now a serious contender for nonprofits.

Just in the last few years, large scale nonprofit and tax exempt organizations have had successful campaigns through social media. Remember #GivingTuesday? Events like that are near impossible without the social aspect. 

With the ever-growing popularity of Twitter and Facebook, your tax exempt organization needs to have a social game plan. Follow these tips and tricks to boost donations to your nonprofit.

Inform Your Donors

Openness can take you far! Want to keep your donors interested in your mission? Update your followers on how you allocate donations. By tweeting your numbers or posting a photo to Facebook, you create an informed audience. When followers see their donations going to the mission, they’ll know your organization is trustworthy. What better way to inspire more donations than to show your donors with the fruits of their labor? You can also tweet out promotional images, keeping your followers informed of upcoming events.

When you update your donors on your mission, you keep things conversational. This is why for-profit businesses have such a strong presence on social. Best of all, social media is free, but it does have both organic and paid methods of boosting your reach.

Improve Interactivity and Engagement

Want to mobilize action fast? The high speed reaction time over social media lets donors know when you need funds, goods, or volunteers. Of course, for this you need engagement. With engagement and interactivity, your organization will take a campaign to the next level.

There are major benefits from social media for your organization, too. Not only can you interact with your audience, you can measure engagement and see what works best for messaging. When you engage your supporters, you create a conversation that you can use to refine your mission.

Improve your Fundraising and Crowdfund

When it comes down to it, you need to establish a relationship of communication with your donors so you don’t come off as another bill. By building a community, your donors will feel more inclined to give. With multiple channels, you can promote your fundraiser and crowdfund across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and even LinkedIn. This increased reach will boost your fundraising without question.

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