How To E-file Your Form 990 On The Go

Nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations worldwide are required to file an annual information return each year to report the financial status and actions of the organization to the IRS. E-filing a 990 Form on your own can be difficult and time consuming if you’re paper filing, but luckily for you, ExpressTaxExempt makes the process as easy as possible.

Nonprofit leader filing 990 Form via ExpressTaxExempt App

ExpressTaxExempt offers an easy and secure way to transmit 990 forms quicker than ever. And here’s the fun part, you can get your filing done within minutes, especially Form 990-N, without being near a desk or computer!

Organizations with a fiscal tax year that ended on November 30, 2017 are required to file a 990 Form by April 17th.

Here are two ways you can e-file your Form 990 from your smartphone by the upcoming April 17th deadline

Form 990-N Mobile App

Did your organization have less than $50,000 in gross receipts for the 2017 tax year? The FREE ExpressTaxExempt – Form 990-N app allows small tax-exempt organizations to e-file their 990-N (e-Postcard) Form directly from an iOS or Android mobile device.

The entire filing process can be completed anywhere at any time; the only information needed is basic organization details, tax year period, and confirmation of total revenue less than $50,000.

Prior to transmitting to the IRS, your e-Postcard is automatically checked to ensure each question was answered correctly. Once the IRS approves your filing, you will receive a confirmation directly to your email. If your return is rejected for any reason, the 990-N mobile app will inform you of what information needs to be corrected and allows you to resend your form without any extra cost.

Form 8868 Mobile App

If your nonprofit or charity has gross receipts over $50,000, and you need extra time to file your 2017 Form 990, 990-EZ, or 990-PF, you can download the FREE ExpressTaxExempt – Form 8868 and conveniently file a tax extension using your iOS or Android handset.

E-filing only takes minutes to complete, and all you need is your organization’s basic details, tax year period, and select the annual tax return you typically file with the IRS. You can also enter any estimated tax liabilities if necessary. Your tax-exempt extension form gets checked for any mistakes before transmitting, and you’ll receive a PDF copy of the extension after sending it.

Let ExpressTaxExempt Help You Meet The April 17th Deadline

Easy 990 Filing with the ExpressTaxExempt App
Forget about missing the April 17th Tax Day deadline when you file with ExpressTaxExempt

Whether it’s transmitting your form to IRS by the deadline or quickly applying for a tax extension, ExpressTaxExempt has you covered! 

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