How to Decipher Your IRS Form 990 Schedule L

Without a doubt Form 990 Schedule L, Transactions With Interested Persons is one of the most challenging Schedules available to nonprofit organizations. Your organization must first determine who qualifies as an “interested person,” before choosing which transactions or donations should be reported. Here is your guide to deciphering your IRS Form 990 Schedule L.

How to Decipher Your Form 990 Schedule L

The purpose of 990 Schedule L is to provide information on certain donations or arrangement between your organization and any “Disqualified Individual.” This could be any person who was in a position that could use significant influence over your organization during the lookback period. The lookback period is the five years before the donation or transaction occurred.

990 Schedule L is also used to determine whether any members of your organization’s board or governing body is independent. 

Examples of Disqualified Persons:

  • Former or current directors, officers, trustees, or key employees
  • Founder of your tax-exempt organization
  • Family member of influential leaders listed above
  • Controls more than 35% of the organization

While the Internal Revenue Service might not require precise information on other schedules they do have the authority to ask in-depth questions when filing Schedule L. Many of the questions on Schedule L require additional explanations, disclosure, and descriptions which should be filed Schedule O.

It is not necessary that the individual exercise substantial influence, only that the person is in a position to do so.

When 990 Schedule L Due Date?

Your complete IRS Form 990 with all required schedules are due the 15th day of the 5th month after your tax year ends. So if your nonprofit organization runs on a typically fiscal year running from January to December your deadline is May 15th!

Form 990 Deadline:
May 15th, 2018

File Your Nonprofit Tax Return Form 990

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