How-To Complete an 8868 Extension Form with ExpressTaxExempt

Need an extension on your 990 series return deadline? File Form 8868 with ExpressTaxExempt!

Form 8868 is filed by organizations that are unable to file their original return by the deadline. If an exempt organization files IRS Form 8868, they typically receive a  6-month extension for their 990 series deadline. This form must be filed on or before your 990 series deadline date. 

ExpressTaxExempt supports e-filing for Form 8868. With ExpressTaxExempt you can e-file Form 8868 quickly and securely.

Follow these steps to complete Form 8868 with ExpressTaxExempt:

  1. Once you have logged into your account, from the “Dashboard” tab, review your Tax Year and Organization information. Once you have made the necessary changes to file for the appropriate organization and tax year, click “Extension” from the lower left of the screen.

2. Click “Start Now”

3. The first page is the Organization Details page. Verify the information on this page is accurate. If it is not accurate, you can select “edit” and adjust the details. Once you have verified all the information is accurate, click “Next.”

4. The next section is titled “Form 8868 – Choose return to file an extension.” Choose the return you are requesting an extension for from the drop-down list and click “Next.”

5. The next section is titled “Form 8868 – Tax Year”. In this section, select the year for which you are filing the extension.

6. If your organization works on a calendar tax year, from January 1st through December 31st, select the option for “Calendar Tax Year.”

7. If your organization works on a fiscal year, which is any date that does not begin on January 1st and end on December 31st, select “Fiscal Tax Year.” Then, click the blue calendar button on “Tax Year Begin Date.” Change the month to the beginning month of your organization’s tax year, and select the specific day. For example, if your tax year begins February 1st, change the month to February and click on the first day in February. Once you enter your tax year beginning date, the ending date will generate for a 12 month period.

8. If you are filing a short-year return, you can change the Tax Year End Date and check the appropriate box for the reason for your organization’s short-year return.

9. Select “Next”

10. The next section is titled “Form 8868 – Other Options.” Indicate whether you are a foreign corporation that does not have an office in the US, or if it is a group return and click “Next.” If neither applies, just click “Next.”

11. The next section is titled “Form 8868 – Signing Authority and Books are in Care of.” Complete this section with information about the “Signing Authority” of the organization and who the books are in care of in the organization. Then, click “Next.”

12. The next section is a summary of your return. Review the information on the form and click “Review.”

13. In the review report section, if you have any errors, they will be caught here. You can review the errors and click “Fix Me” to go to the corresponding page and resolve the error. If you do not have errors, just select “Next.”

14. The next section is “Service Fees.” If you would like to add a text or fax alert, you can select the box. You can also choose to only file the 8868 form, or select a bundle package and prepay for your 990 return.

15. In the next section, provide your credit card information and click “Process.”

16. Enter a 5 digit PIN of your choice. Review your order information and click “Pay and Transmit to the IRS.” Note: Your form will NOT be transmitted if you do not click the green box “Pay and Transmit to the IRS.”

17. You have now completed and transmitted your 8868 extension form!


Want to see steps for other types of organizations or other 990 series forms and schedules? Comment below and we’ll make your request a future blog!

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