How To Appeal To Millennials And Get The Best Results

Millennials seem to be the “hot topic” for many of today’s conversations. Society is constantly trying to figure us out and come up with a way to connect with us. As a millennial who is involved in the nonprofit sector, I have noticed that many organizations struggle to attract and maintain millennials on a long-term basis for donating their time and/or money.

Since we aim to help organizations like yours, today we will learn how to appeal to millennials and get the best results.

How To Appeal To Millennials And Get The Best Results


Build Trust…Then Make The Impact

Trust is a MAJOR thing when it comes to millennials! If we don’t trust you, forget about us donating to your cause.

We don’t care for fake news. 👀 It is best, to be honest with us and state the facts because we tend to do our research. Before we donate to an organization, we will run it by our family and friends, see what others have to say about it, and then give our support. Focus your marketing efforts on building trust and use conversational language so we can connect with you.

Tip: Show examples of the awesome work your organization does for the community and/or around the world, so we know where and what the money we donate go towards.

Maintain a Relationship Through Social Media

The social media trend is still alive and well. Millions of millennials stay connected and become aware of organizations through social media outlets. Once you’ve gained our trust, maintain a relationship with us (outside of the typical monthly newsletter or annual report). Make it possible for us to stay up to date with your organization’s social media pages or through your weekly blog(s).

Tip: Focus on only one or two social channels and two to four blog posts per month. It’s better to do less and do it well than to spread yourself too thin.

Update Your Website

Let’s admit it; there is nothing worse than clicking on a website that takes forever to load or looks like it hasn’t been touched since millennials were born. *laughing emoji* Invest in a modern and reliable website and update it frequently with news about to your organization. Also, include an online giving tab that allows potential donors to donate to your cause conveniently.

Tip:  Check out The Best Way To Encourage Online Giving to learn more about attracting more online givers.

Take advantage of simple, yet impactful tips and receive a fresh wind of new volunteers and donors that will help support the great cause your organization makes each day/week/year. As you make a difference in the lives of those you touch, don’t forget to file your annual Form 990 with ExpressTaxExempt and stay compliant with the IRS.

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