Form 990 for Hospitals

Did you know that there are nonprofit hospitals that need to e-file IRS Form 990?

Let’s figure this out together!

What Are Not-For-Profit Hospitals?

A nonprofit hospital, or not-for-profit hospital, is a hospital facility which is set up as a nonprofit organization. Since they are frequently affiliated with a religious denomination, based on a charitable purpose, and are a traditional means of delivering medical care in the United States, they can apply for tax exempt status.

Why Is It Necessary to Complete Schedule H and Form 990?

Hospital organizations use Form 990 and Schedule H to provide information on the activities, benefits, and policies of its hospital facilities and other non-hospital health care facilities that it operated during the tax year.

What Information Does Schedule H Cover?

  • Hospital facilities directly operated by the organization.
  • Hospital facilities operated by disregarded entities of which the organization is the sole member.
  • Other health care facilities and programs of the hospital organization or any of the entities described in 1 or 2, even if provided separately from the hospital’s license.
  • Hospital facilities and other health care facilities and programs operated by any joint venture treated as a partnership, to the extent of the hospital organization’s proportionate share of the joint venture.

Now that you know, all the hospitals out there can get ready for the upcoming Form 990 deadline!

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