E-File Form 8868 If You Need A Little More Time

You’ve probably picked up on the fact that we have been heavily focused on the upcoming Form 990 due date on May 15 for nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations. In the last few days, we have gone over [almost] everything 990 related, but what if you are not quite ready to file your beloved organization’s IRS Form 990?

ExpressTaxExempt understands how busy and difficult it can be running a nonprofit organization. Adding tax filing deadlines to your to-do list isn’t always easy or manageable.

Your organization helps those in need, now let us help you e-file Form 8868 if you need a little more time.

Easy Way To Receive Extra Time To File IRS Form 990

The most recognized and discussed deadline day for nonprofits is May 15th. Each year on this date, exempt organizations operating on an annual tax year from January – December must file their Form by this date. If not, hefty late or failure-to-file penalties are “waiting for you at the door.”

That’s where tax extension Form 8868 comes in! If you file IRS Form 8868 by the original 990 due date on May 15th, your organization will automatically receive an additional 6 months time to file.

To avoid penalties, you must file the tax extension Form 8868 by midnight on the 990 due date [May 15, 2018]. Filing IRS Form 8868 is quick and easy. Here’s how you can file:

How To File IRS Extension IRS Form 8868

  1. Register or sign in with ExpressTaxExempt
  2. Add organization’s basic information such as name, EIN, address, and contact number
  3. Select the IRS form which you are applying for the tax extension
  4. Enter your organization’s tax year period
  5. Choose your tax extension type and provide information for signing authority
  6. Review your return and fix any errors
  7. Pay and transmit to the IRS

Easy, right?! The great thing about tax extension Form 8868 is that you can file it in advance and be completely stress-free on the 990 due date, May 15, 2018. Your extended 990 due date will be November 15, 2018…you can’t beat a deal like that!

It only takes a few minutes to apply for an extension using ExpresssTaxExempt. Take the first step to getting more time to file by signing up for a free account. 

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