990-N: Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to e-filing a 990-N (e-postcard), then you might have a few questions? The Express990 support team has got you covered. We gathered up the most popular FAQs to go over, so let’s get started!

1. When do I file my 990-N?
Not going to lie, this question stumps a lot of people because there is not set date for everyone. Confusing, I know, but it is pretty easy to figure out when you need to file. Your 990-N deadline will be determined by what type of tax year you follow; Fiscal or Calendar. Once you know your type of tax year, then all you need to know is your deadline is on the 15th day of the 5th month after the last day of your tax year. For example; if your tax year ended on December 31st, the 990-N will be due on May 15th.

2. Who would be considered a principal officer?
Your principal officers are your current president, vice president, treasurer, assistant treasurer, chief accounting officer, or other corporate officers (such as a tax officer).

3. Are there any penalties for filing late/not filing Form 990-N?
There are no penalties for filing late but there are for not filing at all. If you go three consecutive years without filing a 990-N, the IRS will revoke your tax-exempt status.

4. Can I e-file a 990-N for a previous year with Express990.com?
You sure can! Better late than never, right? Once you are logged into your Express990 account and choose to e-file your 990-N, you will be able to select the year you want to e-file for.

5. How do I e-file a 990-N if I’m not around a computer?
Don’t you worry; we have a 990-N App. It is free to download for Apple and Android devices.

6. How much does it cost to e-file a 990-N?
It cost nothing to e-file a 990-N for the current tax year. You read that right, it is completely free to e-file a Form 990-N with Express990 for the current tax year.

7. What do I need to e-file a 990-N?
You only need a few bits of information to e-file a 990-N:
 Employer Identification Number (EIN) or your Tax ID Number (TIN)
 Tax Year
 Legal name and address
 Different names the organization uses
 Website (if you have one)
 Name and Address of a Principal Officer
 Confirmation of gross receipts of $50,000 or less
 (if applicable) A statement that the organization is going out of business

E-filing a 990-N only takes a few minutes with Express990.com. If you do have questions about the e-filing process, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team via phone: 704-839-2321 or email: [email protected].

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