5 Key Points for a Nonprofit Community Impact Statement

When sharing the latest and greatest accomplishments of your nonprofit or charitable group, it’s typical of exempt organizations to issue a Community Impact Statement to donors, potential volunteers, and community leaders.
Your statement can include many facts that clearly demonstrates your organization’s outreach within the community. Here are five key points from the nonprofit industry you should include in your impact statement.

Hours from Volunteers
An important aspect of quantifying your organization’s community outreach is the monitoring, gauging, and distribution of volunteer hours. There are online tools available for organizations to quickly schedule and mark volunteers along with real-time reports on service hours. You could even find smartphone apps to pass along to your volunteers, which can allow them to follow and report hours on their own.

Products or Services Offered
Whatever work or items your organization provides to the community – showcase it! Based on your type of nonprofit or charity, show just how many homes built, school supplies distributed, parks cleaned, meals cooked, etc. Quantified numbers always help give a clear picture of your organization’s activities.

Funds Raised
Nothing probably showcases community impact better than the contributions, gifts, and grants that your nonprofit draws in. While it proves how your organization supports its activities, it also shows a glimpse of the faith and dependability of your organization’s donor base.

Service Value
According to statistics, the dollar amount for volunteer service is $23.56 per hour. And last year, the national value of service from volunteers was an estimated $184 billion! Converting the time, skill, and talent of your volunteers into a monetary value can show how the community is financially benefiting from your organization.

For nonprofits and charities, a story about the lives changed and the benefits of your organization can inspire others to give or get involved. Share interviews from volunteers or community residents that you’ve helped. You can also implement quotes and stories on your organization’s website or promotional materials.

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