3 Keys to Gain More Donors

3 Keys to Gain More Donors
3 Keys to Gain More Donors
In the nonprofit industry, it’s standard practice to request for donations or contributions – and there are many ways to secure supporters. One way that’s least chosen by small organizations is cringe-worthy persuasion.
When thinking about persuasion, most of us picture being sold something by any means necessary – or someone overly aggressive and a bit sleazy. But mainly, persuasion is getting someone to believe in something as much as you do.

And we persuade more than we probably think – any time you casually talk about your organization to someone, when explaining what you do, or when you acquire volunteers and members. Keep these three keys in mind the next time you need potential donors to become believers.

Convey Your Faith & Purpose

Remember your reasons for starting your nonprofit or charitable organization. Why do you want to make a difference or leave an impact? There clearly has to be a love or passion for the goals your organization is attempting to achieve. You don’t necessarily need to be extremely eager or excited, but understand that people can sense when you’re speaking with genuine interest rather than regurgitating facts.

Utilize the Three Cs

To keep your conversation on track, remember to be clear, concise, and calm – the three Cs. Consistency is important here – you’ll lose your potential donor by contradicting something you said earlier. Refrain from over sharing anything that doesn’t drive your point, and if you happen to be shy or an introvert, practice a few times until the process becomes natural.

Aim Beyond Donations

When speaking about your exempt organization, donations should be the bonus – not the goal. Your objective should be to get the donor enthusiastic about your nonprofit as much as you are. Nonprofits typically establish and maintain relationships with potential donors – you might not get that check right after the first meeting, but in the long run, the money will come as others begin to believe in you more.

After you’ve built donor relationships and start receiving donations, visit us at ExpressTaxExempt.com where you can enter or bulk upload your list of contributions, gifts, and grants. According to the IRS, you must report donations greater or equal to $5,000 on your IRS Form 990/990-EZ – you also need to submit donor information such as name and address for each contribution you report.

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