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ExpressTaxExempt & GuideStar Join Forces to Benefit Nonprofits

Author John C. Maxwell once said that “teamwork makes the dream work.” ExpressTaxExempt can attest to this with the launch of our newest exclusive feature, Express990. 

It is with great excitement that ExpressTaxExempt launches Express990, in collaboration with GuideStar, to benefit thousands of nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits will now be able to seamlessly export their completed IRS Form 990, 990-EZ, and 990-PF returns directly to GuideStar with this new integration.

As the world’s largest source of nonprofit information, GuideStar collects pertinent information, including annual IRS filings, and distributes it through its website and more than 200 partner sites and applications. 

The collaboration between GuideStar and ExpressTaxExempt, the #1 e-file provider for thousands of nonprofit organizations, nonprofits now have the ability to send their tax returns directly to GuideStar as part of the e-filing process. 

Furthermore, this partnership will reduce the amount of time it takes GuideStar to obtain this information and makes it available to the public which will also greatly improve upon the professional impression a nonprofit makes in terms of trust and transparency. 

Donors and potential supporters will have almost immediate access to up-to-date information for the nonprofits that select this option. Normally, it takes months before GuideStar obtains 990s from the IRS because the IRS must process them first. Express990 eliminates this delay; each return is transmitted to GuideStar as soon as it is accepted by the IRS.  

Express990 sends GuideStar exactly the same data that was submitted to the IRS under penalty of perjury. This valuable information can be utilized when determining grant approvals, contributions, and more. Information regarding each organization's mission, income, expenses, finances, and leadership will be completely transparent. This transparency can greatly increase a nonprofit’s chances of donor recognition and receive funding in a more timely manner. 

Nonprofits will also have access to several exclusive ExpressTaxExempt features, including management of reviewers, approvers, and additional users, along with internal audit checks, multi-organizational filing, and multi-tax period support. Tax returns filed with ExpressTaxExempt are transmitted directly to the IRS and can be accepted within hours. Users also receive real-time email notifications with tax return updates. Best of all, ExpressTaxExempt offers a 100 percent, US-based customer support team for any and all inquiries an organization may have in regard to its e-filing.

Manager Happy with E-Filing ExperienceThe collaboration between ExpressTaxExempt and GuideStar, along with the launch of Express990, is a “win-win” situation for nonprofit organizations across the country. Nonprofits will be joining a platform of 1.8 million IRS-recognized nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations on the GuideStar website. Potential donors and funders will be able to quickly obtain the information that they need to evaluate your nonprofit. A process that would usually take months, can now be completed within a few days. 

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As always, our aim at ExpressTaxExempt is to be of assistance to tax-exempt organizations as we dedicate our services to providing the best and most efficient e-filing experience. Make the best choice for your nonprofit and experience the great benefits of Express990 by visiting our website today at www.expresstaxexempt.com

For any assistance or questions about e-filing our available 990 forms, you can contact our live professionals by phone at 704-839-2321, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., EST), by email (support@expresstaxexempt.com), or by live chat (www.expresstaxexempt.com).


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    1. Thank you so much for reading! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Thanks to the guide star. This will help a lot of business and non profit organization to pay directly their tax without having any difficulties. This is favorably good to know, just like the Malta Yacht VAT who also give some direct tax payment.

    1. Yes, we are extremely excited at how nonprofits will be able to benefit from this partnership for years to come!


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