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4 Effective Blog Ideas for Nonprofits

There are many things you can do to increase community engagement with your nonprofit or charity. A least expensive and less time-consuming option is to create a weekly or bi-weekly blog.

Blogs are an excellent way to update donors, attract new contributors, and showcase your organization’s accomplishments all at once.

Blogs have the potential of reaching a larger audience than your regular lists of contact emails, but only if your blogs contain engaging and concise content. Here are four ideas for blogs from the Internet you can quickly use to increase your exempt organization’s outreach.

Stories from Communities
The most attractive thing your nonprofit or charity can do is display how it invokes positive change within the community. These stories can highlight how your organization meets community needs - you can interview a city leader, a donor, or a long-time resident. If possible, be sure to include photos and videos.

A Compilation Report
A small, summarized report can keep your audiences informed about the progress your organization makes - this can include statistics from donations, fundraising events, volunteers, or services. Feature about five stats from your organization’s activities and use one of those numbers each time you re-post the blog to your social media pages.

Important: A blog detailing a report should be brief and straight to the point. Keep it short to retain your audience’s attention - inform readers of only the significant numerical facts from your activities. Save the minuscule details for your major annual meetings.

Useful Resources or Advice
Your blogs should be able to connect with others outside your donor’s list - sharing tips and resources can put your brand in front of people who have never heard of you. For example, if your organization seeks the restoration and preservation of plant life, create a blog about building or maintaining a backyard garden. Or if your nonprofit is about art, point of some of the best art places in the community.

Behind the Scenes Coverage
Give your audiences an insightful look into the inner workings of your organization. You can significantly express the goals of your nonprofit, fundraising events, and other activities along with the people who help make it happen - use interviews or stories from staff, volunteers, or board members. Visuals are always important, so include various multimedia.

Whether these blogs bring in more contributions, volunteers, or even spark new ideas for fundraising events or program services, you’ll still need to report these changes to the IRS with your annual tax return. With ExpressTaxExempt.com, you can e-file your IRS Form 990/990-EZ a lot quicker than paper filing. Our service uses simple, interview-style questioning and cloud-based technology so you can access and complete your form on any computer.

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