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IRS Lowers Nonprofit Applications

Outstanding news for organizations trying to seek tax-exemption status - the Internal Revenue Service reduced its processing fee for Form 1023-EZ, Streamlined Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The change, implemented this past July 1, slashes the original application fee from $400 to $275.

What is Form 1023-EZ
The EZ version of IRS Form 1023 was introduced back in 2014 as a quicker and simpler process for small organizations applying for exemption status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Tax Code. This shorter 3-page form made it possible for the IRS to cut down the backlog of the tens of thousands of organizations seeking tax-exemption each year.

If your organization makes less than $50,000 and have assets less than $250,000, the short application form is the best way to go. You can also learn more about what the form requires with our easy blog: Section 501(c)(3) Applications

How To Pay
The IRS states that organizations can pay their processing fees through Pay.gov when filing the application. You’ll need to provide either bank account information or a valid credit card or debit card to process the payment.

IRS Compliance
After your organization applies and receives exemption status, the next thing to do is preserve your tax-exemption by e-filing the required form each year with the IRS. Because your gross receipts are less than $50,000, you’ll need to e-file IRS Form 990-N (e-Postcard), and no other service makes that easier than ExpressTaxExempt.com.

With ExpressTaxExempt.com, all you need to enter is basic organization details, select your tax year period, and confirm your organization makes less than $50,000. Afterward, you can authorize and transmit to the IRS along with receiving real-time, email notifications of your filing status. And the best part - the process takes only minutes to complete.

If you’re nowhere near a computer, that’s not a problem. Our FREE downloadable ExpressTaxExempt Mobile app, for iOS and Android devices, allows you to e-file anywhere there is Wi-Fi access for smartphones and tablets. And the process is no different - complete your filing within minutes.

As easy as we’ve made it, we still understand the severity that comes with federal tax filings. If you have any questions or need assistance with your e-filing experience, contact our U.S. - based support team in Rock Hill, South Carolina. We’re available at 704.839.2321, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. We also offer 24/7 email messaging with support@ExpressTaxExempt.com.

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Need to File Schedules? ExpressTaxExempt Has You Covered!

E-filing IRS Form 990 or a 990-EZ by itself is a formidable, time-consuming task, but based on your type of exempt organization and its activities; you may need to complete additional forms called Schedules.

ExpressTaxExempt.com automatically generates schedules from the information you provide about your nonprofit or charity. The process is seamless - all you’re required to do is complete the form interview, and at the end, you’ll find all your entries preloaded onto the appropriate schedule.

What are Schedules?
To briefly describe it, Schedules are various disclosure and compliance forms. They vary with each organization depending on type and activities - some tax-exempt organizations may have to file a couple while others could file many more.

Each schedule has a particular title and asks for an assorted set of information. They each supply the IRS with specific and detailed information about specialized activities conducted by your organization. You can find a complete list 990 schedules on our website.

E-filing Schedules with ExpressTaxExempt

As mentioned earlier, our service automatically creates and loads information on the required schedule based on the answers from your form interview. If your answers don’t need exhaustive information, then the corresponding schedule isn’t generated. In short, you don’t have to stress over which schedules to file or not with ExpressTaxExempt.com.

Here’s an Example:
Let’s say your organization received donations throughout the year. In the form interview, you answer “Yes” to receiving contributions; then you proceed to list them. On the 990 form, you’ll see a check mark for having contributions along with the total amount received.

You’ll find the detailed information such as Name, Address, Type of Contribution, and Amounts on your Schedule B, which is the Schedule of Contributors. If you didn’t get any donations, answer “No” in the form interview, which prevents a Schedule B from generating along with any detailed questions about contributions - this process is the same for each available schedule.

ExpressTaxExempt.com makes e-filing Schedules easy, but if you have any questions about your form interview or schedules in general, feel free to contact our U.S. - based customer support team. We’re available at 704.839.2321, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. We can also be reached 24/7 with support@ExpressTaxExempt.com.

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Expert Assistance with Premium Support

We all need a helping hand at times, and e-filing federal tax returns are no different. Even though we’ve carefully designed our program as the most streamlined experience available today, we understand that correctly reporting to the IRS is quite intimidating sometimes - not to mention unknown errors and technical hiccups that are typical with automated services.

Even so, you’re never alone with ExpressTaxExempt.com. And with our exclusive Premium Support service, you can receive detailed assistance from our live, e-file professionals with your entire form!

Help from the Pros
With ExpressTaxExempt.com, our premium support team is U.S. - based and located in sunny Rock Hill, South Carolina. You’ll speak with our support professionals who can expertly address any site navigation questions and remedy any technical issues you may experience. E-filing IRS Form 990/990-EZ is more of a breeze with your personal e-filing guide.

Important: Our support experts are not legally authorized to provide tax advice - any and all assistance is strictly for the program only.

Book an Appointment
Scheduling for one-on-one assistance with a premium support session is incredibly easy and is done directly from your account with these steps:
  1. 1. Sign into your account at ExpressTaxExempt.com
  2. 2. Click the “My Account” tab in the top-right corner
  3. 3. Click “Premium Support” on the bottom right
  4. 4. Select an appointment date using the calendar
  5. 5. Choose an available appointment time

Your personal e-filing guide will contact you based on the date and time you chose, and you can begin your form wherever you need. If you need basic assistance or have general questions about e-filing, call our customer support line at 704.839.2321, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. You can even email us night or day with support@ExpressTaxExempt.com.

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Get More Done in Less Time! Bulk Upload Your Information

E-filing tax returns for your nonprofit or charity takes a considerable amount of time - that’s no surprise. But the time you’re dedicating to remain compliant with the IRS could be spent running your organization.

With ExpressTaxExempt.com, we understand how important time is for exempt organizations. We also know the severity of filing promptly with the IRS, which is why our service streamlines the e-filing process to get your IRS Form 990/990-EZ finished and transmitted as soon as possible.

One of our unique, cloud-based features that allow for time-efficient filing is our Bulk Upload option.

Upload Information All At Once
Our bulk upload feature caters to those of you who receive numerous contributions throughout the year. Many tax-exempt organizations receive hundreds of donations and entering each one, as required by the IRS, is a daunting task.

With ExpressTaxExempt.com, you have the option to upload all your contributions at once by clicking the “Bulk Upload” button on the “Contributions, Gifts, Grants, and Similar Amounts Received” screen. Our program enters your entire list in your account while you are free to continue filling out the rest of your form.

Easy Steps To Upload
Submit your contributions list in three simple steps and get back completing the rest of your return while ExpressTaxExempt.com works for you.

All you need to do:
  • Step 1 - Download our pre-made spreadsheet template
  • Step 2 - Enter or transfer your contribution details within the template and save
  • Step 3 - Upload the saved template from your computer

Important: If you already have all your donations listed on a spreadsheet, you can skip the first two steps and just upload your file into the program. Make sure your file contains all the required information to report correctly to the IRS.

Our U.S. - based, customer support team is happy to answer any questions you may have about bulk uploading or reporting contributions in general. Give us a call at 704.829.2321, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. You can also contact us at any time of the day with support@ExpressTaxExempt.com.

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Trouble Finding the Right 990 Form? Let ExpressTaxExempt Make It Easy!

It’s important to know which tax return you’re required to file for your exempt organization - filing the incorrect form to the IRS gets rejected as an incomplete return, which can lead to penalties. The last thing you want is to pay thousands of dollars for a mistake that is easily avoidable.

For nonprofits, charities, and other organizations with exemption status, it’s mandatory that you correctly file the following forms with the IRS based on your organization’s gross receipts and assets:

The Right Form with ExpressTaxExempt
Selecting the correct 990 form with ExpressTaxExempt.com couldn’t be more straightforward. If you know your organization makes less than $50,000, you can choose to e-file the “990-N (e-Postcard)” or “Form 990 Series” if your organization brings in more money.

With the “Form 990 Series” option, we simply ask what your gross receipts are - either less than $200,000 or greater than $200,000. Whichever answer you choose, the appropriate form is automatically generated for you.

And the best part - let’s say our program creates a Form 990-EZ based on your answer for gross receipts; however, the amounts you’ve entered for total revenue are over $200,000. ExpressTaxExempt.com will suggest you e-file the 990 (long) and will allow you to continue with your new form without having to start from the beginning again.

Let us help you make federal filings simple so you can get back to making your community a better place. Give our U.S. - based support professionals a call for any questions about your e-filing experience - reach us at 704.839.2321, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. You can also message us 24/7 with support@ExpressTaxExempt.com.

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File Your Tax-Exempt Returns from Up in the Clouds!

Successfully running a nonprofit or charity is no easy matter - you’re responsible for maintaining donor relationships, gifts and contributions, fundraisers, volunteers, and a million other things towards reaching your mission objective.

With all of your organization’s activities, you also have to make sure to remain compliant with the IRS - the brutal truth is that you can lose your tax exemption status if you’re not. One of the ways to keep the IRS content is filing the required tax return every year.

But how can you push everything with your organization to the side just to focus on filling pages upon pages of a federal tax return? Let our services streamline your filing experience so you can complete and transmit your IRS form and get right back to bettering your communities. With these amazing, cloud-based features, you can e-file stress-free with ExpressTaxExempt.com!

E-file IRS Form 990/990-EZ with Schedules
With our services, you can choose to e-file either Form 990 or Form 990-EZ based on your nonprofit’s gross receipts. According to the information you provide about your organization and its activities, ExpressTaxExempt.com automatically generates the appropriate schedules required with your 990 form.

Accurate Worksheet for your Records
It’s no secret that proper record keeping is the key to filing with relative ease. ExpressTaxExempt.com provides you with a detailed worksheet of the information you entered on your form. You can print this worksheet out for your records.

View Prior Tax Returns
Tired of digging through files to find last year’s return? Now you won’t have to - our “My Tax Return Tab” allows you to view, download, or email 990 forms you’ve e-filed in the past with the IRS. Remember, you must have e-filed those prior return with our service to access them.

Re-Transmit a Rejected IRS 990 Form
If the IRS rejects your form for any reason, ExpressTaxExempt.com points out the rejection, allows you to make corrections, and re-transmit your rejected form back to the IRS - all for FREE!

Built-In Audit Check and Cloud-Based Technology
Send your most accurate form to the IRS the first time around. With our internal error check, your form is screened from top to bottom for any mistakes before you transmit. You can also access your account and continue from where you last left with any computer thanks to ExpressTaxExempt’s cloud-based capabilities.

Interview-Style Questions and Bulk Upload
Leave the technical IRS jargon at the door! ExpressTaxExempt.com asks simplified questions based on actual questions from 990 forms - answer yes or no, and enter text or amounts only when prompted. You can also get more done in less time with our “Bulk Upload” feature - submit an upload of mass information like contributions, and our program enters it in your account while you continue with the rest of your form.

Manage Additional Users/Reviewers and Approvers
Easily invite other users that need access to your account - you can even set parameters to what they can or cannot access. Extend an invitation to clients to review and approve your completed form before you transmit - they can also e-verify with an electronic signature.

U.S - Based Support and Expert Assistance
While our IRS 990 forms are made easy to e-file, we completely understand the severity of federal filings - contact our e-file professionals for any questions about your e-filing process at 704.839.2321, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST - or email us 24/7 with support@ExpressTaxExempt.com. If you prefer more detailed assistance from start to finish with step-by-step instructions from an expert, set up an appointment for our Premium Support service directly from your account.

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Made a Mistake On Your Form 990? We've Got You Covered!

You completed and transmitted your tax return on time - even better, the IRS accepted your form on the first attempt with no questions asked. However, after looking through your copy, you noticed that you misspelled a donor or employee name, your mission or program service statement isn’t entirely correct, or you forgot to include a last-minute fundraising event.

No matter what the mistake is, you need to make corrections and transmit this new information to the IRS as soon as possible. With ExpressTaxExempt.com, we have you covered with our amended return support for IRS Form 990 and Form 990-EZ!

Amended Returns
Your organization can e-file an amended return to either update or add information to a previously accepted form for the same tax year. IRS Form 990/990-EZ are the only returns applicable to amendments, and the updated returns must contain all the information requested by the form and instructions - not just the corrections.

If you need a copy of your organization’s previously filed return, you can submit IRS Form 4506, Request for Copy of Tax Return - you can also visit the IRS website for information about getting blank tax forms. Your amended return is required to be available for public inspection three years after the amended filing date or the original filing deadline - whichever is longer.

E-filing Amended Returns with ExpressTaxExempt
To e-file an amended return with ExpressTaxExempt.com, you first must have e-filed your original tax return with our services. Also, the IRS needs to have accepted your original form - if you received a rejection, you can quickly make corrections and re-transmit your rejected form.

Before starting an amendment, you’re required to explain your reasons for changing your original return - this information can also include which parts and schedules of the original form that need changes along with descriptions of your changes.

You won’t need to start entirely over with an empty return. Our cloud-based technology carries over everything from your original form to your amended return - all you need is to go through your completed sections and make the necessary changes. Any new text provided or corrections made are automatically tracked and entered on Schedule O of your amendment.

Once you’ve completed your updates, you can transmit your form to the IRS. You can assure that your new return is an amendment as the “Amended Return” box is check marked in Item B of the Heading on Page 1 of your return.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the e-filing process, feel free to contact our U.S. - based customer support at 704.839.2321, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. We also offer email support with support@ExpressTaxExempt.com.

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Protect your Organization from IRS Penalties!

The IRS extended deadline for exempt organizations is less than two weeks away - August 15 to be exact! If your nonprofit or charity e-filed an IRS Form 8868 back in May, then you don’t have much time to left to file and avoid penalties! Here are a few ways to prevent penalty fees with your IRS filing.

E-file Right Away
The most sure fire way to defend your exempt organization from late filing fees is to file on time with the IRS. You’ll need to complete and transmit these required forms based on specific criteria:

  • IRS Form 990 - Organizations with gross receipts larger than $200,000 and total assets greater than $500,000
  • IRS Form 990-EZ - Organizations with gross receipts between $50,000 and $200,000 and total assets less than $500,000

Double Check Information
Not only is it important to e-file on time, but you also need to make sure you’re reporting the correct information. An inaccurate form is the same as an incomplete form to the IRS, which can also lead to penalties. Make sure your basic organization information is current and accurate. And make an effort to fully complete parts I through XII of your tax form.

Also, know which schedules you need to file along with your form and complete them as accurately as possible. With ExpressTaxExempt.com, our internal audit check scans your form entirely for any errors so you can transmit with virtually no mistakes.

Extension to the Rescue
Unexpected situations happen all the time, but sometimes they can leave us in less favorable positions. If you know you can’t e-file on time, save yourself from IRS penalties by filing a tax extension. For the August 15 deadline, you have the option to e-file IRS Form 8868 Part 2 for an additional, non-automatic 3-month extension. Before you get your hopes up, you must follow these two eligibility rules:

  1. 1. E-file an approved Form 8868 Part 1 back in May
  2. 2. Provide a valid reason why you need additional time

The IRS can reject your explanation and deny your extension request, which is why this form is considered non-automatic. If you never e-filed Part 1 or got approved for it, then you are extremely late and should e-file your tax return as soon as possible.

IRS Penalties
So what are these hefty fees you’ll pay out of pocket? They can easily reach up to thousands of dollars if you’re careless. For each day your return is late, the IRS charges $20 leading up to a maximum charge of $50,000 or 5% of your total gross receipts - and that’s only if your gross receipts are less than $1 million. Larger organizations with over $1 million in gross receipts incur $100 charges per day.

With our interview-style process, ExpressTaxExempt.com guides you step by step with easy “Yes or No” questions and accessible text spaces for explanations and monetary amounts. You can complete as much or as less as you want in one sitting and continue where you left off with our cloud-based capabilities.

Contact our U.S. - based e-filing professionals for assistance with your e-filing experience. We’re available at 704.839.2321, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. You can also reach us 24/7 with support@ExpressTaxExempt.com.

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CPAs Accomplish Much with ExpressTaxExempt!

As a certified public accountant (CPA), you have more than just one tax return to worry about - you are more than likely responsible for filing many tax returns for many different organizations, big and small.

ExpressTaxExempt.com can help keep those exempt returns organized and accurate so you can transmit them to the IRS as easy as possible.

Here’s how your CPA firm can benefit from ExpressTaxExempt.com:

Manage Multiple Organizations
Keep all of your exempt organizations and EINs conveniently in one account. With the “Add Organization” icon on the Dashboard screen, you can enter as many nonprofits or charities you’re responsible for e-filing. And you can quickly select each organization whenever you need from our user-friendly menu.

Add Additional Users
Need to have other people access your account? Invite them with our “Manage Additional Users” feature, which allows you to send email invitations to whomever you choose. You can also set up regulations that designate which account sections your users can or cannot access.

Electronic Approvals
No longer will you lug around paper copies of forms to get confirmed by clients. ExpressTaxExempt.com supports the unique “Manage Reviewers & Approvers” feature that grants the opportunity to invite your customers via a secure email link. They’ll gain access to an exclusive portal in which they can view an electronic copy of your completed form and e-verify with an electronic signature.

E-filing multiple IRS Form 990/990-EZ has never been easier than it is with ExpressTaxExempt.com. And if you need to transmit multiple IRS Form 990-N (e-Postcard), download our FREE ExpressTaxExempt - Form 990-N mobile app for iOS or Android devices and e-file as many as necessary within minutes - from anywhere!

Our U.S. - based customer support is available to help make your e-filing experience as pleasant as possible. Give us a call at 704.839.2321, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. You can also email us 24/7 with support@ExpressTaxExempt.com.

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