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How ExpressTaxExempt Is Different from the Others

Alright, every Form 990 e-filing service is probably the same, right?

WRONG. Other companies might offer some kind of nonprofit tax service, but we’re the only one with these key features.

So what sets ExpressTaxExempt apart from other 990 filing services?

Cloud Based Software

First off, we’re the premier cloud based solution for tax exempt organizations.

Instead of downloading bulky software or cumbersome forms to print out, we keep everything in the cloud.

That’s right, you can just boot up your web browser, log in, and get to e-filing!

You can’t beat that now, can you? Plus you can access it from anywhere.

Interview Style Software

With our interview style e-filing method, you will never have to worry about the errors of paper filing.

Paper cuts, whiteout, snail mail—these are all things of the past now that we’re making e-filing even easier.

When you don’t have to memorize every line on Form 990, it gets easier to take care of your return.

Then you can worry about what really matters—helping others.

Secure Software

Did you know that we implement a highly advanced security enhancement for ExpressTaxExempt?

We have taken every possible step to make sure we keep our website safe and secure. Our site is encrypted, Comodo HackerSafe certified and protected by SSL/TLS AES 256 bit encryption.

Don’t worry, your information goes directly to the IRS and no one else!

If you have any questions about the features we offer around here, feel free to email our customer support crew at Support@ExpressTaxExempt.com.

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