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Nonprofit Showcase: YEA Foundation, Inc.

- The Problem -

Too often are we only concerned with our own troubles - offering no solace or small pity towards the next person and their conflicts. However, our modern society is still built upon the traditional principle that if one falls, we all fall. Within our inner cities, parents are feverishly working the best of their abilities to provide while the children typically fend for themselves receiving impressionable, yet questionable, life-lessons from “pseudo-celebrities with no real talent…”

For the innovative minds that work past this immersion, they now have to wait in the proverbial limbo until the current decision-makers are ready to give up their influence. There’s an exorbitant gap of skills between recent grads and “work ready” grads along with a staggering 50% of recent college grads remaining unemployed. To solve these issues, one approach is to get straight to the answers, and skip all the filler.

- The Solution -

How can these fresh, young minds carve a future for themselves, or for our nation - they create opportunities to do so. Based in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia, the Young Entrepreneurs of Atlanta Foundation, Inc. (YEA Foundation, Inc.) increases its outreach with community leaders and entrepreneurs speaking directly with the youth and demonstrating exactly what needs to happen in order to become the future influencers of the world.

Established by Atlanta native, Kadeem Dunwell, YEA Foundation, Inc. is a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization comprised of a dedicated team of local leaders and volunteers who have positively impacted youth lives throughout the city. Their mission has been to cultivate “the opportunity seekers of today into successful entrepreneurs of tomorrow” by supporting, educating, and encouraging the youth - those under 24 years old - to gain success with “entrepreneurship as viable solution to unemployment.”

YEA Foundation, Inc. accomplishes its goal by hosting events and programs that provide tools, mentorship, and resources that allow the growth and development of entrepreneurial goals along with provisions of brand and media related opportunities. The problem has been identified, and a solution devised. And by providing the means in which the youth can successfully create their own futures, we acknowledge the YEA Foundation, Inc. as our nonprofit showcase of the month.

Check out the YEA Foundation, Inc. website for more information about upcoming programs, events, and how you can participate within the organization.

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