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Promote Holiday Giving

The holiday season is upon us, and with it, the upsurge of generosity to give. For nonprofits and charities, this is quite possibly the best time of year as studies have shown that donations are substantially increased during the holiday season. But no matter how much more people are giving, your organization can’t take full advantage unless it attracts attention from donors.

Your nonprofit or charity may have a holiday fundraising campaign in place, and that’s a step in right direction. However, you also need to properly promote your holiday campaign in order to get it seen by your audience. Here are some helpful and easy tips you can use right now to further promote your holiday campaign.

Call-To-Action Display
Like the majority of nonprofit and charity organizations, you should have a website that details everything about your organization including its mission, major board members, events, etc. And with this website, you have a homepage that displays current events or services within your organization.

You’ll want to create a large call-to-action banner or display on your homepage that links to your main campaign website. The display should be the center of attention as soon as people enter your site. Make sure your banner is near the top of your homepage, and that it isn’t hidden underneath other banners or links.

Email Campaign
A great way to promote your holiday campaign is to set up a strict email schedule that regularly reminds people to donate towards your cause. You can start off with an email that explains your fundraising campaign and goals, followed by another email stating any incentives to encourage giving.
Further emails can include updates on fundraising status, ideas for gifts, or a countdown of the days left within your campaign. You can schedule these emails to go out once or twice a week; the objective is to constantly remind people to give to your organization. If you can, try to personalize each email with the recipient's name for a more casual approach.

If your organization regularly sends out a newsletter, be sure to use it as a platform to promote your holiday campaign. The newsletter doesn’t have to be exclusively about participating in the fundraiser, but much like the call-to-action display, it should bring attention to your campaign and how people can participate.

Social Media
Everyone is on social media nowadays, and it’s a great platform to reach multiple audiences at once. To promote using social media, you can create a holiday campaign hashtag to include in your posts. You may also want to include common hashtags associated with your organization, mission, or audience so when users search these hashtags they can find posts from your profile.

You can change your profile and cover picture to a branded image of your holiday campaign along with links in the description area to your website. Another helpful feature within social media is pinning a message about your campaign at the top of your timeline - no matter how many posts you make afterwards, that pinned message will always remain at the top and will be the first thing people see on your profile.

The possibilities of promoting your holiday campaign are virtually limitless, and you can find plenty more simply by using your favorite internet search engine. Once the donations and gifts start to flood in, you may have to report these contributions with your tax return. ExpressTaxExempt can make reporting gifts and contributions quick and simple. For more details, check out the following blog: Gifts and Contributions

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