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The Best & Worst Ways To File Form 990-N

When you start thinking about how to file your 990-N, what comes up in your mind? Do the letters IRS flash in your head in bright red and dark-ominous music starts playing? Well that is a bit scary, but I have just what you need to turn that 990-N nightmare into a relaxing and wonderful dream. I will show you the best ways to file your 990-N and the worst ways that can turn your 990-N nightmare into a reality.

The Best
I didn't want to do one of bad news first type deals, so we're starting with the best.

1. The 990-N App
There is an app for everything, so why not have one for e-filing Form 990-N? The 990-N App is the travel friendly version of Express990.com and perfect for the nonprofit tax filer on the go. The 990-N app is available for Apple and Android devices. The app is free and so is filing for the current tax year; it's a win-win my friend. To e-file you will just need some basic business information and confirmation of gross receipts of $50,000 or less.

2. Express990.com
Express990.com is the best program to use when e-filing your 990-N. The e-filing process is laid out just like the app so it is super easy. The only difference between the app and the site is, Express990.com is a full service 990 e-filing provider. Meaning, you can find information on the complete Form 990, 990-PF, 990-N, and 990-EZ. Right now, Express990 is providing e-filing for Form 990-N and 990-EZ. More versions of the 990 will be available for e-file very soon. 

The Worst
1. Not Filing 
One of the fastest ways to lose your exempt status is to not file your Form 990-N. The 990-N (e-postcard) is free to file for the current tax year at Express990.com. You can file for previous years too if you need catch up. The only worst way to file your 990-N is to not file at all.

It is a simple list of the best and worst ways to file your 990-N. Mainly because the 990-N is a simple form to e-file. You only need your business information and your gross receipts for your tax year. The 990-N App is great because it doesn't limit you to one place to file. Express990.com is quite charming because it provides more information on filing all the different 990 forms and provides e-filing of the 990-N and 990-EZ. E-filing your 990-N is free for the current tax year on both the app and Express990.com.  

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