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Relax, It's only the 990-N Deadline

This deadline comes but once a year
When the sun is bright and shines so clear
File your 990-N on the 15th of May
You have 'til midnight on this day
but have no fear, your hero, Express990.com is here

The clock is counting down and time to e-file your 990-N is quickly ticking away. No need to panic, we have 3 steps to calm your nerves and take the stress of Deadline Day off your shoulders:

Step 1 - Re-read the limerick above. Studies show reading a poem or listening to a song with a rhyme scheme reduces stress. And some reassurance that Express990 is on your side will dramatically make you feel better about life. 

Step 2 - Breathe in deeply & slowly exhale. A majority of your stress has just now exited your body - isn't it nice. OK, now that you are more focused, let's gather what you will need to e-file your Form 990-N (e-Postcard)
  • You will need your business information including: EIN/TIN, legal name and address, different names the organization uses, website (if any), name and address of a Principal Officer, confirmation of gross receipts of $50,000 or less. You will need to provide a statement that the organization is going out of business, if applicable.
Step 3 - Create an account with Express990.com and select Form 990-N. Simply follow the instructions and transmit your return to the IRS. Then, feel the stress of the deadline just lift off your shoulders.
Well you can Keep Calm and E-file On - my friend, Express990.com provides e-filing of 990-N for previous tax years too! You will need the business information you have put together from Step 2, and we will walk you right through it. 

You should feel accomplished - by e-filing your 990-N before the Deadline, you have successfully avoided losing your tax-exempt status and you do not have to deal with Form 990-N again until next year (Virtual High-Five). Just make sure to track your finances properly and keep them neatly organized for next year. 

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